Fuelling Pakistan exhibition 2010

Fuelling Pakistan is the 4th International exhibition on CNG, LPG, LNG and alternate energy will be organized by DAWN on October 11 – 13, 2010 at the Karachi Expo Center. Fuelling Pakistan, over a span of three years has established itself as a prestigious international exhibition providing a highly influential platform for the members of the CNG, LPG, LNG and Alternate Energy industry for B2B networking and as a place to discuss issues directly with the decision makers in the Government.

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Pakistan is an apt choice for a venue for an international exhibition since it is the largest consumer of CNG with the more than 3000 CNG stations; a fleet of CNG powered vehicles in excess of 2.5 million with plans of further expansion of the CNG distribution structure to unexploited regions like Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
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Bus Operating Companies, Government Officials, City & Provincial Planning Organizations, Energy Companies, Environmental NGO’s, Gas Distribution Companies, Fuel Pumps Operators, Consumers, OEM’s, Transport Consultants, Vehicle Manufacturers, Automobile Mechanics, Lubricant Manufacturing Companies.
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Alternative Energy Companies, Alternative Fuel, Automotive Engineering Companies, Bus Operating Companies, Catalytic Systems Manufacturers, Coal Producers, Compressors & Compression Systems Manufacturers, Conversion Kits & Cylinders Manufacturers, Dealers & Agents, Design & Consultancy Firms, Dispensers, Engineering & Construction Companies, Engines/Engine Technology, Environmental Control/Equipment, Equipment Manufacturers, Flow Meters, Fuelling Station Equipment, Gas & Power Companies, Gas Transportation Systems, Government Agencies, Inspection/Testing QC Systems, Investment Banks, LPG & CNG Associations, LPG Producers, Oil & Gas Equipment, Oils & Lubricants, Powered Vehicle Manufacturers.

Fuelling Pakistan

Venue:     Karachi Expo Center
Country:     Karachi, Pakistan
Start Date:     11-OCT-10     End Date:     13-OCT-10
Exhibitors:     50
Industry:     Industrial Goods


Highlighting the immense growth potential for alternative sources of energy in Pakistan, FUELLING PAKISTAN represents a unique opportunity for experts and leading energy players from around the world to capitalise on the enormous potential that Pakistan’s energy sector holds for them. The largest trade exhibition in Asia, FUELLING PAKISTAN has attracted widespread participation from over 80 companies around the globe in the last three years and with each passing year, the success of this widely attended forum continues to grow.

The mounting interest of investors in Pakistan’s energy sector has been encouraged by the steady economic trends witnessed during the last six years with growth recorded at a yearly average rate of 6.6%. During the fiscal year 2007-08, despite an anticipated slowdown, Pakistan’s GDP grew by 5.8%, while foreign direct investment inflows reached US$ 3 billion. Pakistan therefore continues to remain an attractive investment destination for foreign investors and leading companies around the world.

However, given the rising prices of oil, the demand for natural gas is growing at a much faster pace than the existing supply base of gas reserves can meet. Now more so than ever before, Pakistan needs investors who can bring in a steady supply of gas into the country and induct technical expertise and state-of-the-art technology and equipment into its oil and gas sector.

With the Government’s policies aimed at creating an investor-friendly environment, Pakistan has all the necessary
drivers for the adoption of top quality energy projects and is well equipped to deal with an influx of investments within its oil and gas sector.

As is the trend every year, Fuelling Pakistan will serve to highlight Pakistan’s growing focus on alternate energy sources like CNG, LPG and LNG and will provide a much needed platform to exhibitors for showcasing the latest technologies, products and services to an audience of potential investors and buyers from around the globe.

Time to move away from conventional sources

wHEN British Prime

Minister Gordon Brown

wHEN British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently emphasized the need for the West to end “the dictatorship of oil”, it was a clear indication, among other things, of the desperation in global markets in the face of what is an impending energy crisis for the world at large. That the members of the American Congress whom Mr Brown was addressing responded with rather enthusiastic clapping was a mere confirmation of that desperation. Issues of geopolitics aside, the fact remains that the developed world has for long understood the necessity to  diversify its energy profile. The fossil fuels are fast running out of stock and it is only logical to have a few alternatives in place before that phase lands   on the planet. From biofuels to ethanol mix and from windmills to photovoltaic solar panels, they are all being tried out across the developed world, with  some in the developing world also catching up at a reasonable pace. The  most advanced experiment in this regard came a few months ago when a private airline  et flew from London  to Amsterdam using jet fuel that was  mixed with coconut oil. There were detractors who called it  a publicity stunt for the commercial airliner, but nobody can deny that it was also a massive boost for the whole activity related to locating sources of  alternative energy.  Regardless of whether it was a genuine  scientific experiment, or a publicity stunt, the eco-flight did indicate  a major step forward in man’s search  for a feasible biofuel to cut down his dependence on fossil fuel on the one hand, while addressing the hazardous issue of global warming on the other. The eco-plane ran only one of its four engines on the experimental fuel which was a calculated concoction of oils derived from coconut and the babassu plants. The other three engines consumed the standard jet fuel. And even the biofuel-powered engine used an 80:20 blend of conventional and novel fuels. In simple terms, not more than five per cent of the plane’s entire fuel load  consisted of the novelty and that has given  ground for the critics to take out their daggers. There are miles and  miles and miles to go before one can  be sure of biofuel’s potential as an  aviation fuel.  Even if the technicality is taken  care of, it would still take more than a dozen acres of crop to fill one plane if it were to rely on coconut oil alone.  But, undeniably, the trial meant  much to activists around the world.  Their efforts include experimentation  with ethanol derived from palm, corn,  molasses and jatropha.  Besides, interest has also been  shown in farming algae which is likely  to throw up a few surprises in the time to come. Ethanol derived from molasses, however, has shown the biggest potential yet because of its potency and commercial viability. It is no wonder that the developed world is importing huge quantities of both ethanol and molasses from around the world to continue its march towards the now well-established E-10 and E-85 blends. And it is here that Pakistan comes into the picture,  being a leading exporter of the  two commodities. Pakistan is exporting over a million tons of molasses and three times as much of ethanol, which appears to be in contradiction with the demands of logic. While we are definitely earning a few bucks – around $6 million from molasses and $150 million from ethanol per year – but we are surely missing out on a great opportunity to work towards cutting down our own oil import bill by encouraging the use of ethanol blends in automobiles. With sugarcane being one of our main crops, the potential of molasses in our energy profile can be seen from the fact that last year the Faisalabad Electric Supply Corporation signed a power purchase agreement with a private sugar mill under which it would receive over 2500MW of molassesbased electricity per year. This, naturally, is surplus power for the mill concerned  which first meets its own energy  needs. If this is what one private initiative  can do, it is not difficult to work out  how radically things can change if it is  promoted on a national scale. But  strangely, people concerned are too happy to promote the export of molasses. It is not without reason that  people across the country have to put up with erratic power supply. With the kind of power crisis the  country is facing for the last couple of years, it is not illogical to expect the government to be working actively on finding both conventional and alternative means of forestalling a potential calamity. But the rather unsung death of a pilot project to try out E10 gasoline that has 10 per cent blending of ethanol is an indicator of things moving in the other direction. The project was launched a couple of years ago, but it soon met a fate  that is not a rarity in our context. Seen against that backdrop, the rising quantum of ethanol export, mostly to European destinations, carries negative significance and disquieting dimensions. The efficacy of ethanol-blended fuels around the globe is something that is no more an issue of debate anywhere; its acceptance is universal. As things stand today, ethanol  lends account for more than 35 per cent of all automotive fuels sold in the United States. Besides, the E10 blend has been approved for use by every major automobile manufacturer in  the developed world. The blend has also been found to be compatible with the existing service station infrastructure which means there is no additional cost on the maintenance front for the consumers. The world, in fact, is now moving ahead with the idea of using ethanol as a full-scale alternative fuel. The E85 blend – 85 per cent ethanol mixed with just 15 per cent of regular gasoline – is the first step in that direction. Currently, it can only be used in flexible fuel vehicles which number over  five million in the US alone and the manufacturers are known to have committed to increasing production to two million a year by the next year. With the world making major strides in that direction, it is surprising that Pakistan is content with exporting ethanol instead of making the most of this opportunity through value addition a d coordination between ethanol producers and oil marketing companies. The argument by certain lobbies that the price differential between regular gasoline and ethanol blends is not exotic enough to promote the product also needs to be seen in due perspective. For the consumers it may be a matter of a rupee or two per liter, but for the national economy it is a matter of billions in view of possible reduction in the annual oil import bill. A bigger question for those skeptical of the marketing viability of ethanol blends is: How does the West find it feasible despite importing ethanol from abroad, while we find it an economically deficient proposition even when we have it in abundance at home? The issue certainly deserves a serious rethink. If an effort is made, there is luckily no technology deficit that may make us stutter on the path. By reviving the project and keeping a close eye on its progress, Pakistan can also hope to join the global bandwagon. The success of the British eco-flight was described as th  “equivalent of those exciting first few steps of a baby”. In our own context, revival of the E-10 project may have the same connotation. Having said that, ethanol blend is merely one of the many options that we have available to us. As per official announcements, the country has coal reserves that can produce energy equivalent to more than 400 billion barrels of oil or over 850 trillion cubic feet of gas. But, unfortunately, the coal has stayed where it was while we have been making ourselves happy with statistics. The coal reserves of Thar have  often been cited in recent months by all and sundry as a possible way out of our energy crisis. There are some issues of technicality, however, that deserve a clear policy direction. Before putting the Thar coal project on the fast track for increased power generation, it would make greater sense if, for instance, the Jamshoro plant based on Lakhra coal efficiently used. At present, it is working
around 25 per cent of its capacity. Wapda finds it mush less cost-e fective than its earlier estimates and the private sector is only interested in getting involved if it has a guaranteed buyer of the power it would subsequently produce. Coal extricated from Lakhra mines – as well as that from Sonda mines near Thatta – is mostly sold off to various industries rather than used for power generation. If the government could first enhance power generation at Jamshoro to its optimum capacity,  it will solve not just the crisis in practical terms, but will also settle many a nerve in Sindh. A look at the country’s existing energy profile is enough to suggest a move in that direction. Around half of the country’s needs to GUARANTEE a full satisfaction developing real solutions for our clients all around the world, valuing over all, the human capital, essence of the Aspro philosophy. The mission, vision and values of the Aspro Group, reflect that everything produced is  done by the participation, the recognition and the incentive  of all those who make possible  our daily task all ar und the world. MISSION To consolidate ASPRO as a world leading company specialized in natural compressed gas, assuring safety and support to our clients through quality service and products, thus guaranteeing company growth and the welfare of our collaborators. VISION To be considered a company that contributes to a better global energy use. CORE VALUES Focus on the customer. Ethics, transparency and integrity.  Responsibility. Social commitment. Employee value. Team work. Commitment towards results. Constant evolution and innovation. Aspro in the world Aspro is one of the most internationally recognized companies in the manufacture of compression system for CNG stations. Aspro has a participation of 20 % of the world market for CNG refueling stations and its presence in more than 30 countries. The company commercializes its products and services worldwide in the frame of an increasing demand of CNG, for the condition  of economic, sure and less harmful to the environment.  Its leadership gets stronger every  ay thanks to its steadfastness in such factors as:
•Excellency in the attention.
•Focus in the client and in the different markets needs.
•Respect towards the consumer and its collaborators.
•Continues progress of our products and processes of manufacture.
•Constant investment in technology and market researches.
AFTEK Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Distributor of Delta  Compresión S.R.L. in Pakistan for the commercialization and After-sales assistance of compression systems for CNG and Aspro original pare parts. AFTEK Engineering, it was founded in the year 2006 and it is made by a group of professionals with experience in  Engineering sector, who have united efforts with the intention of conform a technical group that offers a complete, accurate, efficient and reliable assistance for the Pakistan territory. Keys that mark preference towards our products and services at the moment to think about a CNG refueling station. PRODUCT QUALITY. After-sales specialized assistance during 24 Hs. A wide stock of original spare parts. Immediate delivery. (depending on availibility). Low operative costs. Fulfillment of the quality norms,   safety and environment. The next generation market for Pakistan is for High Filling Capacity Compressor which Aspro have with the most competitive prices. PRODUCTS The portfolio of products that A TEK and Aspro offer to the Pakistani market is composed by a system line of compression for CNG to install your refueling station. Following the strictest norms of quality and safety, the systems of compression are made by the highest technology and improved constantly in accordance with the needs of the markets. Every detail of the Aspro products is treated strictly to cover the expectations of every client. COMPRESSOR FOR BUS FILLING: Our Model IODM 115-5-4R is already at a site in Multan for a Bus Filling Station. The customer’s confidence in this compressor is mainly due to the continued output performance observed at several existing sites in Pakistan such as the Motor Ways CNG where the CNG is required at high & continues flow to the vehicles and this model have proved a remarkably outstanding performance on the Chakri Daughter station of the Motorways. Aspro Compressors are filling Gas (Storage) Trailers at Mother Station of MCOC located at Dhamiyal (District Rawalpindi) which provides complete require ent of CNG at their Chakri CNG Station and maintains the required pressure for filling CNG. Important feature of this model is that it operates from  as low as 3Psi to 17Psi. Non-Stop Filling provided for any kind of busy and fast filling station COMPONENTS FOR THE COMPRESSION SYSTEM CNG Compressor 870Sm3/hr & 470Sm3/hr  Control Panel with soft starter CNG High Flow Dispensers CNG Storage SALES  Our commercial department offers specialized solutions for  every project. It is for, that in every stage our clients get advice on: viability of the project, lay out of his station, better use of the resources and training for the technical personnel regarding the maintenance for  the compression systems. AFTER-SALES & TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: AFTEK Engineering relies on a group of engineering and technical maintenance personnel provided with the necessary resources for an effective, rapid and opportune assistance that has constituted a network at the national level, with local personnel in the principal cities in order  of offer a technical permanent presence and an immediate response 24 hours 365 days of the year. Preventive maintenance to  optimize the performance of the  CNG station and to reduce costs. Attention 24 Hs 365 days of the year. Highly qualified personnel. Original spare parts. Rapid and effective response. A constant training certified  by Aspro Headquarters. Fulfillment of the qualitynorms, safety and environment. International experience

International experience

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Abaseen travel international private limited Hale Hamilton (valves ) Limited
Advance electronic international Inflex Argentoil
AFTEK engineering Pvt ltd Inprocil
Agira Intermech Ltd
Aldesa Khattak Sons Pvt. Ltd
Allied engineering and service limited Kosan Crisplant A/S\
Alternative energy development board (AEDB) Krohne
Apex union pvt. Ltd Landirenzo
Arham CNG petroleum Center LMF-leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik AG
Ark pvt ltd Lovato SRL
Aspro Cng Manzoor and Sons
Auto fuel Middle east automation and controls service (macs)
Autogas centrum Morgan Technologies
Auto gas Italia Srl Moses International
Axiom engineering Pvt Ltd Naveed Engineerong Service
BRC Gas equipment NGV Guide
Burckarhrdt compression India Pvt ltd KR Engineering Pvt Ltd
Cng dealers associative / Pakistan petroleum dealer association OMB Saleri
Cng equipment and service company OMVL SPA
Compac industries Orient trading Company
Compair Pak Suzuki Motor Company ltd
Compressed gas technology (cg tech) Parker
Connexion Pearl Engineering Pvt Ltd
Correct express pvt ltd Pelmag S.A.
Cummins sales and service pvt ltd Rama Cylinder Pvt Ltd
Dynamic engineering automation Rastgar
Dynamic kosan crisplant RHPS
EGAS pvt ltd Safe SRL
EKC-Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited Sales and service international pvt ltd
Emerson Process Management co. Salustri / vertex resources
Emme gas SHV energy Pakistan
Endress and hauser Sicom SRL-  Emerspa
Energy bridge Sigma Motors
Eugen seitz Sindh Government
Europe gas Siraga SA
Flussigas-anlagen GMBH Speedy Automation
Fornovo gas Srl Super Technical Pakistan PVT Ltd
Foton buses Tartaini
FTI international group inc Tenaris Dalmine
Fueling technology Inc Tesla Industries PVT Ltd
GTC Almere Tomasetto Achille
Galileo Tulsa Gas Technology (TGT)
Gardener Denver Unigas Apollo CNG compressor
Global Pakistan Pvt. Ltd Virdis technologies Inc.
GN group SA Vitkovice Cylinder A.S.
Greaves Pakistan Pvt Ltd Yenen Auto LPG
Green field compression USA

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