HEC seeks matric and inter certificates of degree holders
Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) apparently seems reluctant to provide further particulars of 604 degrees to Higher Education Commission the (HEC), i.e. details about their matriculation and intermediate examinations.

According to the details, during the maiden meeting between the officials of HEC and ECP, HEC officials have asked ECP to provide relevant documents of 604 degrees whose additional information was not sent. HEC focal person Rahim Bux Channa had asked the his counterpart to provide the matriculation and intermediate certificate of those degrees so that their process of verification could be completed; however, the HEC has not provided such detail of even a single degree holder till date.

ECP focal person Mohammad Afzal Khan at first refused to give any comment over the issue and said that ECP would issue a press release in this regard in next two days. However on the insistence of this correspondent, he said that the degree holders were coming in person to hand over related documents to ECP. “Today MNA (PML-Q) Akram Masih Gill visited ECP and handed over his documents,” he said and just ended the call.

It has been learnt from reliable sources that HEC has many times asked ECP to provide details of 604 degree holders besides handing over 22 degrees which were not legible. According to reliable sources ECP has sent letters to the MPs for the provision of required documents and the copies of same letters have been sent to HEC. “Not all the MPs but only a few MPs have been asked to provide documents by ECP,” said the source.

According to the sources they were expecting many fake degree holders among 604 degrees which have been verified. “A degree could not be declared genuine or fake until or unless their matriculation and intermediate certificates are verified as in many cases the graduation degree is genuine but the intermediate or matriculation certificate is fake,” he said.

He said that the delay in the provision of relevant documents was hampering the process of verification of degrees as the universities are waiting for these certificates to be verified to complete the whole procedure.

HEC focal person Rahim Bux Channa conceded that they have asked ECP to provide the relevant documents of the degree holders as soon as possible. “ECP in reply to our request has sent us the copies of letters sent to a few MPs asking them to provide their documents,” he said.

He said that they have asked the universities to expedite the process of verification and many universities have started sending the results back. “Many universities including Sindh University and Azad Jummu and Kashmir (AJK) University have sent the degrees back to HEC after verification,” he added.

He further said that they have also asked ECP to provide the 22 degrees which were not legible which they said that they would provide very soon. “We have asked to provide these 22 degrees in our first meeting held on 5th August and would take up the issue again in the upcoming meeting expected to held on Thursday,” he said.

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