Sony and ESPN both have revealed their latest plans to create television networks entirely devoted to 3D TV programming.
ESPN 3D will present from 70 to 100 live sports broadcasts in 3D in 2010, including the FIFA Soccer World Cup,. They will also have broadcasts of college football and basketball, as well as NBA and NFL competitions.
Read more about the upcoming developments here.
By the way, if you are interested in new 3D displays set to release in 2010, check out this new commercial that Philips released about their new WOWvx displays:
The KIRA2 is Toshiba’s new 2010 LED HDTV that offers just about every feature in the book: media sharing, video conferencing, 3D video, and the ability to access Video-On-Demand content like Netflix, Facebook, Vudu, CinemaNow, among other sites.
The KIRA2 comes with a Cell Set-Top Box, which will contain the TV’s processors. They will be sold together as the first product in Toshiba’s 2010 CELL TV series.
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In a recent article in BusinessWeek, Cliff Edwards provided some interesting information regarding Sony and 3D Televisions. “Sony (SNE) expects 3D TVs to account for up to 50% of its total TV shipments in the financial year that ends March 2013, up from zero percent this year.”
These predictions have been fueled by the successes of films such as Avatar. In reponse to this recent success of 3D, other movie studios are following suit in the 3D bandwagon. All future Disney and Dreamworks pictures, according to Businessweek, will be available in 3D. Not some, but every single new picture will be available in this new medium.
The question remains: will this new, novel technology ever wear off? Indeed, Avatar was touted for having some of the best motion picture visuals of all time, and deservedly so. However, movies like Monsters vs. Aliens (available in 3D) fared suprisingly well at the box office while their critical acclaim failed to live up to these 3D movies’ revenues.
Although the future remains uncertain regarding the success of 3D, major TV manufacturers are all scurrying to create better, more affordable home theater technology. Technological enthusiasts await the international CES (the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow) which begins on January 7th, 2010. New 3D television models will doubtlessly be revealed at CES next week.

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