Fashion Pakistan Week 5th April 2010

Models sashay down catwalks, flaunting the latest creations by designers during the first day of Fashion Pakistan week with an opulent opening ceremony in Karachi on April 5, The event is scheduled to feature 52 designers – 49 of them from Pakistan and one each from Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates – in a follow-up to a first event held in Karachi last November.–AFP Photos

Designer: Sana Safinaz
Designer: Monia Faruqi
Designer: Zaheer Abbas
Designer: Sana Safinaz,
A Pakistani model, Mehreen Syed, gets her make-up, done, backstage,
Designer: Shakeel Saigal,
Designer: Rabia
Designer: Zaheer Abbas
Designer: Monia Faruqi
Designer: Rabia
Designer: Shahla Rehman
Designer: Alize Shah
With Pakistan’s fashion designers bringing their exquisite debut collections in stupefying colors and styles, new fashion aficionado Nida Azwer’s fashion show exhibiting prêt, couture and bridal collection came as a breath of fresh air.

Pakistan’s new fashion sensation Nida Azwer stands out for her exclusive sole efforts and in fact, invested a huge amount of money to launch this fashion show held at the Marriott Hotel in Karachi.

Based on the theme of “A Curious Mind”, fashion designer Nida played up her creations with an array of designing skills and modes, among which hand-craft, bead-work and screen printing were noteworthy. Nida’s intention to use this eccentric idea was to shadow the peculiarity which lies between design, art and craft; thus, leaving the spectators to experience a wondrous fashion sensation.

The fashion designer’s bridal wear line held distinction. Her creations displayed an interesting synthesis between materials used and textures employed. Designs revolved around screen-printing, pearls, bead-work and layering, converging between frisky and bold to serene and mystifying. ‘Zardozi’ and Swarovski crystals were ornamented impeccably, absorbing one in its timeless grace and the embellishments harmoniously shifted between eternal traditional styles and contemporary poise.

Spacing out from the shimmering saris and heavily worked bridals, the couture line presented hand-embroidered detailing, highlighting works of ‘ari’, ‘zardozi’, ‘marrori’, ‘kamdani’, and ‘vasli’ in particular.

Apart from the bridal and formal wear, there was an added assortment of extravagant prêt, predominantly the tunics designed in exclusive fabrics, but not too many embellishments.

With a squad of stylists and choreographers from Nabila’s and with Lotus PR and Wow Factor’s unsurpassed management, fashion designer Nida Azwer’s fashion show was an expression of absolute grandiosity; in sync with the Azwer’s couture collection. (

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