Dear Concerned Colleagues,

Subject: HEC has proved incapable of doing academic accountability. A humiliation & ridicule of academia.


These days whole academic family of Punjab have been receiving a load of e-mails since long describing the wrong doings and corrupt practices of the Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University Faisalabad. These emails contain a lot of detail with documentary evidences and references to tons of other verifiable substantiation. But it seems like no one is paying any attention to the cry and it seems very likely that Dr. Iqrar will get another term of next four years and a license to destroy the university further. Inspite of all this, it is very regrettably notable with reference to the letter no. PS-1/(3)13/5013 dated: 25-02-2012, Prof. Iqrar Ahmad Khan allow to continue to act as Vice Chancellor, University of Agriculture, FSD even after the expiry of his present four year tenure on 26-02-2012, till the selection of a new VC through search committee process. Moreover & astonishingly the Honorable High Court, Lahore has made a very transparent decision and boldly declared that the Vice Chancellor of any public sector university will not be re-appointed after the term of four years. Therefore, the appointment of Dr. Iqrar Ahmad khan as care taker VC is highly illegal, brutal, unlawful, illicit and unsustainable in the eye of law. (Reference W. P. No. 23904/2011). In the judgment order, the Honorable Court is in view that the re-appointment policy of the VC aims at nepotism, autocracy and favoritism & to deny all other candidates from their fundamental right of promotion and progress as envisaged in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan , 1973.


The VC (Dr. Iqrar Ahmad) has not denied yet any of the accusations so far and has not made even a slightest effort to defend him; these shows how confident he is about his powerful political position and how badly he ridicules the teaching community.


We have seen one even worse looking VC in Sindh University who remained cling to power while the whole university was at stand still. The losses due to this situation must have been tremendous but the defenders of him remained unmoved until there was a serious fear that the protest will spread to the whole country bringing the Education sector from Karachi to Khyber on stand still consequently putting the existence of those defenders at stake. Even then he has not been terminated but only sent on forced leave. A humiliation and ridicule of academia.


Yet another example is that of the Rector/VC of COMSATS. He is working in this position since 1998 or perhaps even longer. COMSATS is a public sector federally chartered university/DAI but there is an extremely serious anomaly that its VC is appointed in a quite meeting of its BOG. The current award of term has been given without any advertisement or call of applications. Very quietly the sitting Rector/VC, himself, sent the names of two of his close cronies along with his own name to BOG for the appointment of one and then got himself appointed. This is being done right under the nose of HEC that so vigorously advocates fair competition and search committees and there is a VC who almost appoints himself as a VC and is doing so for last so many years. You might be surprised to know that the VC/Rector who is very close to HEC has close to 100 highly paid advisors which is a great burden on the public finances, the money contributed by me and you in terms of taxes.


HEC has proved incapable of doing academic accountability and has failed in ensuring across the board merit so it is fast losing integrity.


Can we hope for justice in such situation??? From whom should we expect it???


Can the Federation of Academic Staff Associations of Pakistan do something for its constituents by taking up some legal or other action in this regard?? Only ruthless accountability can stop these ruthless looters from destroying the institutions that we all have built with our blood and be agitated.Let’s do something tangible before it’s too late.


Best regards.

A humble member of academia.

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