PESHAWAR Chairman of the Institute of Computer and Management Science (ICMS) Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan on Friday called for abolishing the class-based education system and introducing same syllabus for both the government and private educational institutions.

He was speaking at the ‘Mulaqat’ programme of the Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) held at the Peshawar Press Club.He said the standard of government schools could only be improved if it was made mandatory for the ministers and government officials to get their own children enrolled in those schools.

He said the children of policymakers and even the government teachers studied in private schools and colleges and this was the reason that the infrastructure of the government schools was not being upgraded.

Tajamul Hayat said politically-motivated transfers of the teaching staff should be discouraged. He urged the government to devise a mechanism to ensure the presence of teachers in schools to improve the performance of the students in the examinations.

He said special attention was being paid to co-curricular activities at the ICMS so that the students could be updated about new inventions and technologies.On this occasion, he announced Rs100,000 donation for the KhUJ and promised to give concession in admission fees to the children of the journalists against reserved seats at the ICMS.