The annual graduation ceremony of the Treehouse Nursery and Kindergarten was held Friday and attended in a large number by the parents of children, says a press release.

The children performed various educational skits, nursery rhymes, a walkthrough the golden ages and the five-year-old graduating class brought to life a number of famous Shakespeare plays that enthralled the audience in the early hours of Friday morning.

Owned and managed my Naadiya K. Manzur, the Treehouse Nursery and Kindergarten is focused on early childhood development. Founded in the 1990s by Ms. Cathy Khan and was subsequently taken over by her niece Ms. Naadiya K. Manzur in 2003.

Speaking on the occasion Nadia said: “Here at the Treehouse we are focused on creating the desire to learn in children at a very young age; our children have grown to become brilliant students in schools all around the world and their parents’ feedback is a testimony to the hardwork and love our teachers impart on our young students every day,” Nadia added.

“Seeing my child on stage and perform with such confidence truly made me feel proud to be a part of the Treehouse family,” stated one of the parents of the child performing on stage during the Shakespeare plays.

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