ISLAMABAD – Art lovers thronged to the Nomad Gallery on Saturday to witness a batik art and craft display. Batik is a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique and is a signature Indonesian fabric.
25 Indonesian embassy officials selling the art and craft items were also clad in colourful batik shirts in varied colours and designs while almost every art piece incorporated batik in its manufacturing. The existence and use of batik was first recorded in the 12th century and the textile has since become a strong source of identity for Indonesians. The Indonesian Women Association (IWA) and the Nomad Gallery showcased the rich and diverse Indonesian culture through the event.
The proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to charitable organisations Indonesian Ambassador Ishak Latuconsina and his wife Butar Latuconsina, who has been active in the Islamabad cultural scene, inaugurated the two-day exhibition Nomad Gallery Director Nageen Hyat and a number of professional artists, student and foreigners were also present.
The event features an exhibition of beautifully crafted Indonesian handicrafts and other products. These include a stunning range of brooches, necklaces, bracelets, pins, earrings, rings, garments, tapis, bags, paintings, souvenirs, key chains and a wide range of batik products. However, the aesthetically designed tin ware, particularly the exquisite tea sets remained the major attraction at the exhibition.
It was a just the right place for the ladies of Islamabad to purchase Indonesian products as the price of each item was pocket-friendly.
The visitors, many of them from the PFOWA, IFWA and Amateur Gardeners Club turned up in high numbers at the exhibition and showed their keen interest in the exhibits. An interesting demonstration of batik making techniques was also arranged where the visitors were taught some basics of the ancient art. Another attraction in the exhibition includes ‘Tapis’ a traditional weaving style from Lampung, Indonesia.
The word tapis also refers to the resulting cloth. It consists of a striped, naturally-coloured cloth embroidered with warped and couched gold threads. Traditionally using floral motifs, it has numerous variations. It is generally worn ceremonially, although it can be used as a decoration. Indonesian Women Association (IWA) Chairwoman Butar Latuconsina expressed her pleasure at the successful launch of the exhibition.
She said the exhibition will provide an opportunity to Islamabad’s residents to witness the skill of the Indonesian craftsmen.
Butar said the handicrafts were from the areas that offered great potential in bilateral trade and that the exhibition will help promote business activities between the two countries. Ambassador Latuconsina admired the initiative of the IWA and the Nomad Gallery and stressed on organising more events. Nageen Hyat, while appreciating the IWA’s effort said the event brings a good variety of handicrafts, decorative items; fashionable and traditional garments from Indonesia. She admired the richness of the craftsmanship of the Indonesian artisans and said the handicrafts were a true depiction of their talent.
The exhibition will conclude on Sunday evening (today) at the Nomad Gallery.

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