NUML holds awareness seminar on thalassaemia

Staff Report 

ISLAMABAD: An awareness seminar on danger, causes and fight against thalassaemia was held on Tuesday in the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), in collaboration with Thalassaemia Awareness and Prevention in Pakistan (TAPP). 

Speaking at the seminar, TAPP President Ayesha Abid told a big gathering of male and female students that “choice is yours! Either get yourself tested for thalassaemia carrier status before you tie the knot or suffer the regrets, psychological stresses, financial burdens, life-long trauma, costly medications and other enormous challenges. Therefore, every one of you needs to get yourself tested before it tests you”.

She also briefed the students and other participants about the kinds of thalassaemia and informed them that more than 10 million people had thalassaemia minor, but the danger arose when two thalassaemia minor carriers got married. Therefore, it was the responsibility of institutions, teachers, parents and media to create awareness against such marriages because all those children who suffered from thalassaemia needed blood transfusion from the very young age of three months and it continues with them for the rest of their lives.

Samiul Haq, father of Nimar Sami, suggested the students should have themselves tested and ascertain what precautions needed to be adopted by them if any one of them was a carrier of thalassaemia. NUML Rector Major Gen (r) Masood Hassan, while speaking on the occasion, appreciated the efforts of the TAPP for such a humanitarian cause.

The seminar was also attended by NUML Director General Brig Azam Jamal, Dr Amina Aziz and students.

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