Three renowned schools and two renowned colleges, including my own, are located in Sadder near St Patrick’s Cathedral. All day long the streets nearby are crowded with thousands of students, visitors, buyers, hawkers and others.

The footpaths of all the roads are occupied by vendors and shopkeepers and the whole area gets so congested that one has to make one’s way through with difficulty. The main road is always congested with school vans, public buses, cars, taxis and motorcycles.

Especially on Fridays, when the roads are blocked for prayers, it gets overcrowded everywhere. Roads are flooded with cars, taxis, vans and public buses. This is not an overdrawn picture of the matter; this problem has been faced by students in the morning as well, making them late for their classes.

Empress Market and Bohri Bazaar are also located nearby. Both are important places of business which are always swarmed by buses and other vehicles. Shopkeepers park their cars in front of their shops, thus blocking the road for their own convenience.

The CDGK Parking Plaza located nearby seems to be of no use as nobody parks his vehicle in it. There should be a rule under which shopkeepers and drivers should be made to park their vehicles in the plaza. Anyone violating the rule should be punished.

Will the authorities take appropriate steps to remove these difficulties of the students?


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