Scarcity of dustbins in KU


I am a student of BS-I in English at the University of Karachi. Since I started my studies I have noticed that there is a scarcity of dustbins on the campus.

Karachi University is one of the biggest universities of Pakistan. Thousands of students visit it daily. In order to throw away one’s trash one can hardly find a dustbin close by.

Students are forced to throw wrappers on roads and in ditches, which ruins the beauty of the campus.

There should be dustbins in abundance all over the place in departments, on the roads, near canteens etc in order to avoid the mountains of trash one can find in ditches and corners.

Through your newspaper I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the situation and appeal to them to take immediate action and install dustbins throughout the university at small distances in order to maintain its cleanliness and protect its beauty.

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