HYDERABAD, April 29: Sindh Culture Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili has expressed apprehensions over threats by the Hyderabad Stage Council to close Mehran Music School, recently established in Mehran Arts Council, Latifabad, to promote indigenous music.

He said in a statement that a group of people claiming to represent the actors’ council had caused disturbances at the inaugural ceremony of the music school on February 22. A few days before the inauguration, a fax message in objectionable language was received from the council, demanding establishment of a school of acting in the arts council.

The secretary said that he met the representatives of the stage council and assured them of meeting their demand. Even then, he said, the council members did not change their aggressive attitude and harassed students and officials of the music school on April 2.

He said the council was threatening again disrupting a function to be held in the school on May 3.


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