ISLAMABAD: National Literacy Promotion Programme (NLPP) Chairman Asif Irshad Satti has demanded substantial allocation of funds in the next budget to promote better education facilities in the rural and urban areas.
Speaking at a ceremony of teachers on Tuesday, he said budgetary allocation for expansion of educational facilities was very low and if the government did not pay any attention to improve the current situation, the ongoing educational projects at the federal and provincial levels would be badly damaged.
Satti pointed out that in the far-flung areas, there are still a number ‘ghost schools’ and the influential persons normally use their buildings for animal farming. He said that sincere efforts were required to upgrade the standard of education in the country and to enhance the literacy rate.
The chairman stressed the need for addressing the difficulties being faced by the teaching staff and said that adequate raise in salaries should be announced in the forthcoming budget.

(Daily Times)

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