KARACHI – Several students’ organisations and the Palestine Foundation (PLF) on Thursday announced they would mark May 15 as Nakba Day to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

They announced special programmes and a campaign in all educational institutions across the country on May 15 to mark the day.

These decisions were made at a joint meeting of the People’s Students’ Federation (PSF), Muslim Students’ Federation (MSF), Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT), Anjuman Talba-e-Islam (ATI), Pukhtoon Students’ Federation (Pukhtoon-SF), Insaf Students’ Federation (ISF), General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) and working committee of the PLF Pakistan.

Faisal Shaikh of the PSF, Khalil Satti of the MSF, Hafiz Bilal of the IJT, Abdul Basit of the ATI, Bakhawar Shah of the Pukhtoon-SF, Alamgir Khan and Arsalan Ghumman of the ISF, Mohammad Fadal of the GUPS and Sabir Karbalai, central spokesman of the PLF, spoke at the meeting, held at the Sindh People’s Secretariat.

They said that despite the passage of 64 years, neither Palestine could be liberated nor made a sovereign and independent state because of Arab and Muslim governments’ lack of attention and interest.

They said that Pakistani students demanded the government to remain firm on its policy towards Palestine and continue to support the just cause at the United Nations and other international forums. Later, fateha was offered for martyrs of the PPP.

(The Nation)

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