KARACHI – The seven day long gun-battle between the police and gangsters in Lyari claimed at least 40 lives while hundreds of others were wounded in the conflict.

Meanwhile, elders of various Baloch tribes were among the negotiating team trying to convince Uzair Baloch, Zafar Baloch and Baba Ladla to evacuate the area or surrender before the police. Sources privy to the matter disclosed that elders of Lyari gangsters having head money are ready to surrender but they are seeking assurances about their areas.

Gangsters believed that authorities will hand over Lyari to the rival gang of Arshad alias Papu released from jail couple of months ago. Sources disclosed that police and other authorities have decided to hand over Lyari to the Papu gang after the evacuation of Amman Committee members. It is pertinent to mention here that police claimed to have killed 4 members of Amman Committee. Two out of four bodies of alleged gangsters were removed by the gangsters, police said.  Residents of the area confirmed that both victims including Manzoor and Shahzad were not affiliated with criminal groups. Meanwhile, Inspector General of Sindh police Mushtaq Shah gave two-day timeframe to conclude the action.

In a Press conference held at CPO, he said that police will resettle the residents of Lyari who left their homes because of gangsters. Gangsters are responsible for the killing of innocent people, he said. Mushtaq Shah called Cheel Chowk as headquarters of gangsters and hoped that Lyari will be cleared within two days.

Police also tightened the grip in the area and blocked all major roads linked to Lyari including Cheel Chowk, Ghulam Abbas Road, Dhobi Ghat, Miranaka, Maripur, and Shershah roads.

Gun-fight continued in the area on Thursday which left at least a dozen people wounded including Sub-Inspector Manzoor and Sub-Inspector Karam Elahi. Scores of protesters ransacked the house of Salman Abdullah Murad and other leaders of PPP in Malir area where police managed to disperse the crowd. A similar protest was staged in old Sabzi Mandi area,  demanding end to operation.

(The Nation)

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