The nine-member Inter University Consortium for the Promotion of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (IUCPSS) and Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for undertaking joint programmes to promote tourism in Pakistan.


Dr Muhammad Mukhtar, Chairperson, IUCPSS/Vice Chancellor of the Islamia University Bahawalpur, and Saad S Khan, Managing Director, TDCP, represented their respective organisations in the signing ceremony.


Dr Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director of Higher Education Commission, called this MoU as a milestone in promoting university-community linkages and domestic tourism in Pakistan. He underlined the importance of preservation of rich history, traditions, architecture and culture of Pakistan and assured the support of HEC in this regard. The tourism will promote harmony, soft image of Pakistan throughout the world and can be major source of income generation as well, he observed. He asked the consortium members and other higher education institutes to develop guide map highlighting their location and places of interest and tourism around them.

(The News)

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