Rawalpindi: Defying the Punjab chief minister’s orders regarding summer vacation, private schools and colleges in the city are still open forcing young children to bear the brunt of scorching heat of June.

All government schools have announced summer vacation from June 7 to August 14, but private institutions are still open and violating the orders. The education department has also failed to implement the government orders in private institutions.

Parents said that they have stopped sending their children to school because of the scorching heat. They complained that the school administrations were forcing them to send children to schools, as they have to complete the courses. The parents urged the education department to take action against the administrations of private schools and force them to close their schools for summer vacation.

Rab Nawaz, a father, said that all government schools have announced summer vacation but private schools are still open. “My children are studying in a private school, which is open, but I have stopped sending them to their schools because of the heat.”

He said that the education department should take notice against the administrations of private schools. He said that it is the responsibility of the education department to force all private schools to obey the government orders.

EDO (Education) Malik Ashraf was not available to give his version on the issue. The news

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