A solo exhibition of Tariq Javed’s latest body of works – a profusion of colour & style – is going to be held at Ejaz Galleries today (Friday) afternoon.


A prolific artist with individual style, Tariq Javed is an accomplished draughtsman who enjoys painting complex scenes with figures and a profusion of decorative elements. Over the years he has gone from realism to abstract and nonobjective phases in his work. Art enthusiasts have been following his work for decades with a lot of interest.


He also enjoys experimenting in other disciplines: printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. He is one of the few ceramists in Karachi who established a centre to teach the art of ceramics.


He creates paintings with quite a modern twist, incorporating his various styles in a very abstract but realistic manner, with all the embellishments of our culture. Decorative faces and figures are his forte with calligraphy playing quite an important role in his portfolio. His colour schemes are soft or bright depending on what he wants to portray and what effect he wants to create.

(The News)

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