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I would like to share this opportunity to all serious bloggers who want to monetize their blogs and they are tired of making few cents a day with their existing source of blogging income. Now that the importance of blogging has been accepted by  local Pakistani brand managers and they are more receptive to listen about advertising to blogs and spend their advertising budget.

This is the time to pick some hot local brands and start creating useful content which revolves around your targeted brand. Once your blog gets local traffic, try approaching directly to the brand managers and pitch your blog ad positions with a comprehensive tariff. Yeah, it requires a lot of work but believe me it can pay you off so well that you can’t even imagine at the moment.

If you think that getting money from local brands its not that easy mark my words “Local brand managers are searching for quality blogs where they can advertise”. So at least make “Advertise here” page in your blog and share the tariff online and start sending emails to your target brand managers. I hope this tip will work for you in making more money from your blog..

In the end, I would like to congratulate the Award winner Pakistani bloggers. Here is the list of winners

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