KU organises walk for flood victims
Karachi: The University of Karachi (KU) on Friday organised a walk under the slogan of “Save flood victims of Pakistan”.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC) Prof. Dr Shahana Urooj Kazmi led the walk which was attended by all the deans, faculty members and a large number of students.

Dr Kazmi addressed the event and said that the current flood was one of the most devastating catastrophic incidents throughout the world which had affected more than 14 million people of Pakistan, not only this but it had adversely affected the economy of Pakistan because of which the country had to face long-term effects of it.

She added, “The time has come when we should work for our country fellows without constraints of colour, race and creed.
The KU is playing its part well by running the relief campaign for the victims of flood she said adding that relief goods have also been sent to the affected areas.

The walk was followed by a seminar in which the PVC, Dr Kazmi shared her experience of visiting the far off places of interior Sindh which has received the least aid so far. Students of the Department of Geography showed a well-designed video which depicted the entire system of flood. Anila Kausar showed more than two dozen satellite images of 60 cm resolution which told them about the direction and extent of the flood. The images showed the river pattern of Pakistan and the root of the current flood.

The satellite images showed how worst conditions prevailed at Tarbella reservoir through excessive rains and accumulation of water.

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