BS 4 years degree pass percentage

College-varsity marks ratio to determine BS (Hons) final results
Lahore, Aug 21: The examination criteria for BS (Hons) in six colleges of the city affiliated with Punjab University will remain 40:60 – papers of 40 marks will be taken by the relevant college and 60 per cent marks will be given by Punjab University in the papers that it will take after every two semesters.

This has been agreed during a meeting of principals of the colleges and the PU committee headed by Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Jamil Anwar, which is trying to settle the examination criteria. Almost the same formula will be followed by all the six universities with whom the 26 autonomous colleges have been affiliated for 4 years BS (Hons) programme.

The criteria will remain different in cases of BS (Hons) in universities and BS (Hons) in colleges because the degree will be awarded by the respective universities.

The pass percentage per paper will be 50 per cent marks within the affiliated colleges in the semester exams and 40 per cent pass percentage for per paper to be taken by the University of Punjab, the aggregate being 50 per cent marks.

The university will take examination after every two semesters. It will take two papers for each subjects/paper pertaining to one semester and second semester.

Regarding paper setting, the university will nominate one internal examiner for a paper and the other examiner will also be nominated by the varsity as an external examiner of the Punjab University.

There will be no exit in 4 years BS programme but there may be freezing of semester. The government has, however, announced there would be exit after two years and the graduates will be awarded associate degree if they do not want to complete the 4 years study.

As regards intake of students, for one BS 4 years programme, the university intake is 30 students but the college intake will be 50 students per class.

The GPA will be according to university norms. The subjects in which the PU has no BS programme, the PU/College will follow the HEC pattern like English and Commerce.

The university will declare affiliation, examination fee and registration fee after getting comments of finance/examination department of the PU. For the training, the university will pick the teachers with the help of experts and senior professors of the relevant fields. The nation

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