IoBM’s students witness Imran’s charisma
Karachi: Every week, an event or two keeps the students engaged at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM). Last week, the Management Society of the IoBM, in collaboration with other societies, organised an extraordinary event on the campus. Why do I say extraordinary? Well, for starters, the management called off all classes for one session, and the cherry on top was the impact of the event on almost all the students present that day.

On Monday, February 21, the students found out that Imran Khan, Chairman of the Tehrik-e-Insaaf, was coming to the institute to deliver a speech the following day. Never before had we heard of a political leader coming to the IoBM. Needless to say, everybody was excited, and not just because the classes were called off, but because everybody started to feel optimistic about the future suddenly. Students were so excited that text messages started circulating the night before, that everyone should be dressed in white to display unity. And I was not surprised to see that almost half the students of the institute were dressed in white.

When Imran stood behind the podium, there was a kind of buzz of awe and excitement in the crowd. Students who are generally ruthless to people holding the microphone, were actually standing silently, watching every movement of the charismatic orator on stage, and nodding with enthusiasm when he said things they never expected a leader to say.

Imran Khan talked about the challenges of the youth in Pakistan, and about the problems with the current political leadership. The things he said and the way he said them were so powerful that I could bet that 20 percent of the crowd resolved to vote for him in the forthcoming elections. He gave all of us a new hope for a better future. Imran made it seem very easy to believe that we have a better future. He said that if the management or leadership of an organisation or nation was free of corruption, the members or citizens would follow in their corruption-free footsteps automatically.

Imran Khan’s stage presence was strong and his charisma spread through the crowd like a spell. His speech and his ability to engage the audience was truly commendable.

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