Raza (R) accuses Mir Ibrahim of manhandling shoving him in the chest.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) counsel Ali Raza on Tuesday accused the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Geo Mir Ibrahim Rehman of manhandling him outside the Supreme Court (SC). The chief justice also issued a notice to Rehman over the issue.

Speaking to the media, Raza narrated the incident saying that he was talking to the acting chairman of Pemra Dr Jabbar when Rehman came to complain against potential Satellite channels being aired on cable television.

According to Raza’s account, he then advised Rehman that as per the orders of the SC, he should file a written complaint and Pemra would take immediate action over the matter. As a consequence Rehman became angry and allegedly shoved Raza in the chest saying “you are all liars” claimed Raza.

Raza said that he has brought the incident to the notice of the court.

Senior lawyer Raza Kazim speaking outside the SC said Mir Ibrahim had assaulted a lawyer and a complaint will be filed against him.


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