CDA takes students on board in its anti-litter drive Islamabad Considering schoolchildren catalyst for change, the city fathers have decided to take them on board in their campaign for conservation of environment and recently launched Anti-Litter Drive 2011.
The campaign has recently been launched by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which is gradually picking up the momentum. The first phase comprises mass awareness through banners and television advertisements while the second phase, which was kicked off on Wednesday at the CDA Model School, would include the participation of students.

“Children can help inculcate the habits of cleanliness and conservation in the minds of their elders,” said CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi while addressing to the 24th Investiture Ceremony of the Students Council.

He said that he has written a letter to all the residents of the city to seek the participation for keeping the federal capital clean. “I would also write to all the education institutions for seeking their help to make this campaign a success,” he said.

The chairperson emphasised on the importance to maintain the beauty and serenity of the capital city. “This is the only city in the world which has a national park within its jurisdiction. We need to preserve the natural beauty of this city where people dream to have their home,” he maintained.

He advised the students to contribute actively in the efforts of keeping the environment of Islamabad clean. “Since you are the future, I expect you to take lead in this noble cause,” he added.

The newly elected student’s council of CDA Model School, on the occasion, was administered oath by CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi.

Arfa Irfan was elected as the president of the Students Council while Nawal Rashid was elected as a general secretary. Ramsha Fayyaz and Shiza Masood were elected as the presidents of Razia Sultana House and Noor Jehan House respectively. Muattar Zehra and Sumayya Khurshid were elected as general secretaries.

In Junior Section Imtisal Hussain, Tayyaba Zahid and Wareesha Azad were elected as presidents of Jinnah House, Nishter House and Iqbal House respectively. Arzu Fatima, Rida Fatima and Aymen Amjad were elected as general secretaries. Huma Noor Sheikh Farhad, Amal Ahsan, Wahajj Khalid, Tayyaba Majid, Huzaifa Ismail, Kainat Agha, Imran Khurshid, Sadaf Inam, Nimra Khan, Manahil Ajaz, Aatiqa Khan and Shaista Sohail were elected as class representatives.The news

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