Food Agri & Livestock Asia International Exhibition & Conference Exhibition


April 24 – 26, 2010


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan

Major Participating Countries Expected

Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Bahrain, Turkey, Indonesia, Kuwait, Iran, Malaysia, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, United States of America, France, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, etc.



Never before has an exhibition offered such an intimate look at Food, Agri & Livestock Industry of Pakistan. Food, Agri & Livestock Asia has become an annual meeting place for representatives of food business, experts and analysts around the region. The key goal of the exhibition is to highlight development trends and prospects and provide a platform for dialogue between experts engaged in international food analysis, specialists in various fields of the industry, and representatives of ministries and related departments.

Food, Agri & Livestock Asia is a one-stop event for products in Agriculture, Meat, Milk, Bakery, Drink, & Seafood. This is a unique opportunity to see what the industry has to offer and to check out the latest products & innovations in the regional market.

This year the Forum will feature development forecasts for regional markets of food products, major trends in trade and food policy, trends and development prospects of demand for food and agricultural products.

Food, Agri & Livestock Asia is the region’s most important and established event providing a unique business platform for manufacturers, importers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to network and establish business contacts with decision makers and influencers.

The Food, Agri & Livestock Asia promises to be an enriching and prolific opportunity for buyers and exhibitors alike. Food industry decision makers and authorities from around the region are attracted to this annual B2B trade focused fair that presents a wide range of the latest and most current innovative food & beverage trends amalgamated with quality business opportunities.



Pakistan has substance agriculture land, which provides us diversified agricultural products that result from the variety of climates and landforms. Pakistan Government has adopted a liberal investment policy to attract maximum foreign investment, where foreign investors can hold up to 100% equity in several economic sectors. As a result, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country has increased substantially over the past few years, thus differentiating Pakistan from many other countries of Asia-Pacific region. Also the vital indicators of Pakistan’s economy have shown extra ordinary improvement such as increased foreign reserves, sky-rocketing stock market prices, stable Pakistani currency and improved balance of payments.



Food, Agri & Livestock Asia 2010 International Exhibition & Conference, one of the most promising and enduring exhibition held at Karachi Expo Centre. Food, Agri & Livestock Asia Exhibition is being organized at the most opportune time when the government is looking forward to expand the developing industries of the country, which have shown tremendous growth in the past few years. The exhibition would serve as a comprehensive showcase of the latest in technology, equipment and machinery as well as allied services, while providing investors with a definite outlook of the regional Food, Agri & Livestock industry and an opportunity to meet their prospective counterparts and business partners.

What you should know about Food, Agri & Livestock Asia

  • The most acclaimed event in the Food, Agri & Livestock industry
  • The Fair & Conference is an ideal entry point for foreign traders to embark upon the global Muslim market
  • Pakistan’s longest-running and largest food show where products are displayed with the machines, which processed them
  • Constitutes most effective, most successful and most sought products from all around the region
  • The Exhibition steadily upholds its records in bringing together local and regional players in the food industry
  • Gives small and medium entrepreneurs exposure, at the same time, skills and technology updates
  • Exhibits the latest global advancements in Food, Agri & Livestock technology

THE FOOD & AGRO TECHNOLOGY SHOW Pakistan is a Principal Gateway to the Central Asia Republics having strong and long standing links with the middle East and South Asia .It has an Agri-based economy with a very well developed Agriculture Sector. Nearly 44 % of the labour is engaged in this sector. Human resources are strong and cost effective, transportation cost is low and has a large growing domestic market that of 140 million consumers. Maximum revenue is generated from the export of agriculture products contributing 26%. GDP to the economy.

Pakistan has the most liberal investment policy in South Asia Region which is opened to Foreign Direct Investment in all economic sectors esp. Agriculture Sector. No government sanctions are required and the investors can take benefit of attractive tax / tariff incentives packages, capital, profits, dividends, remittance of royalty, and technology and franchise fee allowed to projects in agriculture, international chains food franchise, social service & infrastructure. New incentives and further liberalization measures include:

  • Zero import duties on raw materials used in the production of exports, capital goods and plant and machinery and equipment not manufactured locally.
  • The import tariff on agriculture machinery (not manufactured locally) for registered corporate agricultural projects will be zero-rated.

agriculture sectors of Pakistan,

Pakistan has an Agri-based economy with a very well developed agriculture sector and most of the labor engaged in the Agriculture Sector. It has vast tracts of cultivable land offering the prospective investor lucrative returns and rich harvests on his investment. Corporate Agriculture Farming Package is being developed. Pakistan has an agriculture base of more then 79.6 Mn Hectares of total area with 22 Mn Hectares land under cultivation. 18 Mn Hectares of land is under cultivation through irrigation system while 4 Mn Hectares of land relies its cultivation exclusively on rain.

  • Strong Potential
  • Contribution to Economy
  • Fisheries & Livestock Production
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Fiscal Incentives for Agriculture Sector


Pakistan has a comparative advantage in the region with vast areas of cultivable wasteland available and a strong potential for expansion of agriculture base. The large local agricultural market of Pakistan is increasing at 29% per year with an Internationally competitive unit cost of production for all major crops, fruits & vegetables at a very low transportation cost, and developed routes to Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan.


• Contributes 26% to GDP
• Employs 44% of labour force
• 70% of exports are Agricultural & Agri-processed products

Fisheries & Livestock production

Fisheries potential (annual catch)
7.5 Mn Tons
Buffaloes (Number)
23 Mn
Cattle (Number)
22 Mn
Sheep & Goats (Number)
75 Mn
Poultry (Number)
530 Mn


The investment opportunities are being encouraged as steps are taken for Land development/reclamation of barren, desert and hilly land for agriculture. Reclamation of waterfront areas or creeks is underway for the highly profitable investment opportunities to gain pace in the country. Crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers farming/integrated agriculture are the major areas of cultivation within the country. Climate supports the production of almost all cash crops with modernization and development of irrigation facilities and water management Plantations.

Fiscal Incentives for Agriculture Sector

• 0% customs duty on import of agricultural machinery, equipment and implements
• Exemption of duty on transfer of land for CAF
• Tax relief; Initial depreciation allowance @ 50% of machinery cost.
• Dividends from corporate agriculture farms not subject to tax
• Farm income given more favorable treatment

Int’l Conference on Halal Food, Agriculture & Livestock

e: International Conference on Halal Food
Pakistan – The Halal Kitchen of the World
Executed Date: 24th April, 2010
Venue: Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan
Organizer: Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Supporter: Ministry of Food – Govt. of Pakistan
We are pleased to announce 2nd International Conference on Halal Food with a focus on projecting Pakistan as The Halal Kitchen of the World Globally The Conference platform would provide an effective podium for Experts and Industry Players to interact share and identify the opportunities to project Pakistani Halal Food as Premium Quality Brand in the International World
Focused Sessions

• Halal Food Processing & Value Addition
• Food Safety
• Halal Certification
• Success Stories – Halal Brands of Pakistan

Topics to be discussed: • Value Addition in Food Products (Processing, Packaging, Branding)
• Food Safety
• Standardization & & Quality Control
• Supply Management
• Export Marketing Strategy
• Storage & Transportation Technology
• Halal Certification
• The Importance of Halal Assurance System:
• Trend of Halal Products In Global Market
• Analysis on Halal Food Market Opportunities
• Halal as a health & safety standard.
• Halal standard as a brand and a marketing tool
• Food – Challenges & Opportunities
• Beverages – A Paradigm Shift in Pakistan
• Halal & Halal Standards
• Use of Food Colours- Perspectives from the East and The West
• Food safety risk management: Principles and practice
• Food Processing Technologies
• Food Safety: Role of Universities And Educational Institutions Present &
Future Programs
• Putting Principles into Practice: Useful Case Studies
• Developing & using Laboratory & Technical Capacity Available in the Region
• Food Safety and Problems associated with Food Trades
• Quality Assurance in the Food Control Laboratories
3 Ways to Participate

• JOIN the Conference as DELEGATE


Int’l Conference on Agriculture


Int’l Conference on Dairy & Livestock




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