Beaconites begin United Kingdom study tour
Islamabad group of over 60 students and teachers from different campuses of the Beaconhouse School System in Rawalpindi and Islamabad were seen off at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, says a press release.

They will join more than 500 Beaconhouse School System students from all over

Pakistan to an educational and cultural tour of the UK this summer.

The school undertakes international trips to different locations every year and this is the largest gathering of students from Pakistan visiting the UK for a short study course at the Newlands School in East Sussex, UK. The course comprises tutorials and academic courses, sports and co-curricular programmes along with field visits to the sites of historical and educational value among other aspects.

The Beaconhouse students will have the opportunity to interact with teachers and students from the UK and to participate in a diverse range of activities.The news.

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