Govt asked to safeguard efforts for promotion of literacy, health
Islamabad:The employees of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) urged government to safeguard the efforts and resources spent since the last over 8 years for the promotion of primary education, literacy and primary health care through the commission.

During a press conference held here on Thursday at the National Press Club (NPC), the employees of NCHD briefed media regarding the recent crisis. The closure of NCHD will not only affect the 16,000 employees and their families in 144 districts, but also deprive millions of children in under privileged areas from primary education and millions of adults to be literate through functional literacy programme, they said.

The employees said that they were in the favour of 18th Amendment and demanded of the government to devolve NCHD according to it rather than dissolving or winding it up. They said that at first the provincial governments should adopt NCHD with its full scale in their respective provinces and if provincial governments are reluctant to adopt it, the matter should be resolved by the federal government.

They said that the government has made the commitment as part of strategy for implementation of 18th Amendment that not a single employee would be separated from services. So the government should fulfil its commitment and continue the operations of NCHD.

According to information, more than 100 parliamentarians signed resolution for supporting NCHD s continuation. Employees of NCHD launched peaceful protests throughout the country, which have been covered by media. Baton charge, shelling of tear gas was faced by our peaceful protesters in Islamabad on June 22; more than 40 employees were also arrested.

The NCHD employees have also filed a constitution petition in the Supreme Court through their lawyer, Barrister Syed Ali Zafar. This petition is filed under Article 184(3) for the enforcement of the fundamental rights.

During the press conference, the employees of NCHD requested Supreme Court of Pakistan that the issue of 16,000 families and 500,000 children should be considered on a very high priority. They said after the protest and sit-in in Islamabad we would organise protests in all the four provincial capitals reaching up to district and village level till our success.The news.

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