boom blast in lahore
LAHORE: The city of Lahore has come under attack on the occasion of Yaum-e-S hahadat Ali (RA).


A second blast has occurred within 30 minute of the first blast.

First blast

A blast has taken place in the Yaum-e-S hahadat Ali (RA) procession near Karbala Gamay Shah. Eight people are said to be injured in the attack.

Visuals on Express News showed scenes of a blast taking place in the centre of a large crowd. According to initial reports, the blast is of low intensity and no serious casualties have been reported. Ambulances and security personnel are present at the blast site.

Some enraged citizens have clashed with the police and exchanged heated words, blaming security personnel for not providing adequate security.

Earlier today, three people were injured in a firing incident at Empress Market in Karachi when unknown assailants attacked a Yaum-i-Shahadat Hazrat Ali (RA) procession.

LAHORE: Eighteen people have been killed and more than 190 injured in a series of suicide blasts at a Yaum-e-Shahadat Ali (RA) procession procession near Karbala Gamay Shah in Lahore, on Wednesday.

The injured have been admitted to Sir Ganga Ram, Services and Mayo Hospitals where an emergency has been declared.

A Suspect belonging to a banned outfit was arrested from Imamia Colony, Shahdara. According to police sources, the suspect was praising someone e for the Lahore blasts over the phone.

The first of the three blasts took place in the centre of a large crowd outside the Imambargah right after Iftaar.

Rescue sources say many of people were injured in a subsequent stampede that followed. Hospital sources say six of the wounded succumbed to their injuries at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

A huge demonstration followed the blasts at Bhati Chowk where the protestors damaged many vehicles including three police vehicles, and hurled stones on the police.

The angry mob also set ablaze the Lower Mall police station.

According to the police, strict security arrangements had been made for the procession. Police sources also say that the heads of two of suicide bombers have been recovered.

Rangers have also been called in to Lahore to control the situation.

End of live updates


Express 24/7 reports that police arrived three hours late to the blast site. No major political figure has shown up at either the blast site or the hospitals.


According to reports on Express News, there were three suicide bombers who attacked the procession. The first suicide bomber took a route from Ghaznavi Steet, Urdu Bazaar and tried to attack the centre of the procession, while the second suicide bomber tried to attack the front and the third the tail of the procession. The first suicide bomber appeared to be 18 years old. The procession was attacked around Iftar time when the procession was supposed to be coming to an end after reaching Karbala Gamay Shah.


Lahore CCPO presents a new picture of the attacks, claiming that only two of the blasts were suicide attacks. He added that police officials had prior notice that a terrorist attack may take place.

Rangers have been deployed across Lahore to control the situation.


Lahore Commissioner Khusro Pervaiz has confirmed the three blasts were suicide attacks.

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Eighteen people have been killed while more than 100 others are reported to have been injured.

Sources say six victims succumbed to their injuries in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

abidifactor Rangers Called in #Lahore – Policemen trapped in burning police station.

According to initial reports, the suicide bomber at Bhati Chowk approached police officials who abandoned their station, at which point the bomber blew himself up.

Express News reports that all 3 blasts were suicide attacks.


Police claim to have made strict security arrangements for the procession, while security was put on high alert after a firing incident on a similar procession in Saddar, Karachi.

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Rezhasan Geo News reports Lashkar-e-Jhangvi al-Almi has claimed responsibility for #Lahore blasts

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Express 24/7 reports aerial firing by police to scatter protesters. However, shots were fired back from the angered mob prompting a gun battle in the streets.

Authorities believes the delay in the second blast suggests the attack was well-planned to target security officials who arrived at the blast site.


Public anger and emotions run high as Express 24/7 reports a lack of security at hospitals. Scenes of chaos and mayhem have been witnessed in adjoining streets to the blast sites.

Angered mob sets Lower Mall police station on fire.

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Rezhasan hain Lahore Commissioner Khusro Pervaiz hasn’t blamed RAW for #Lahore blasts as yet?


The injured have been hospitalised while emergency has been declared in Sir Ganga Ram, Services and Mayo Hospitals.

Rescue sources say many of people got injured in a subsequent stampede.


Lahore Commissioner Khusro Pervaiz says security could have been better. Death toll stands at 8 with up to 100 injured. Angry mobs have dispersed from the blast sites and are damaging public property in the city.

According to those present in the procession police officials were not conducting proper checks.

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Questions are being asked about security arrangements for the procession. Participants in the procession claim that adequate measures were not in place.

Heads of two suspected suicide bombers have been found from the scene of the attack. 88 people have been injured so far.

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Police using batons to disperse the crowd. 8 people are now confirmed dead.


Two blast have been confirmed as suicide attacks.

abidifactor Female Suicide Bomber! #Lahore


Six dead, 60 injured in the blasts so far. The Bhati Chowk blast has been confirmed as a suicide attack by authorities.

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