the dawn publication in KARACHI Sept 18th The long-awaited placement lists for admissions to first-year classes at public sector colleges and higher secondary schools of the city under the Centralised Admission Policy were issued on Sunday.

However, the lists pertained to only science (pre-engineering, male), computer science (both male and female) and home economics faculties.

Lists belonging to pre-engineering (female), pre-medical (both male and female), commerce (male and female) and humanities (male and female) are expected to be released within a week.

In all 17,807 candidates were accommodated in the three faculties — science-pre engineering, computer science and home economics — of government colleges and higher secondary schools.

The candidates include 16,057 male (pre-engineering), 809 male and 733 female (computer science) and 208 in home economics (for which there is only one college in the city which is the Ra`ana Liaquat Ali Khan College of Home Economic).

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CAP result 2011 pre-engineering male

CAP result 2011 Home Economics (Female)

CAP result 2011 Computer Science Male

CAP result 2011 Computer Science (Female)

None of the male and female candidates who did their matriculation with Grade C was granted admission to the computer science faculty because of limited number of seats available in public sector colleges and higher secondary schools of the city.

Similarly, Grade D and Grade E students were also not accommodated in the science (pre-engineering) faculty.

However, in contrast to the above-mentioned faculties, even the Grade E students were granted admissions to the home economics faculty.

The placement lists were issued at a news conference addressed by Centralised Admission Committee chairman Prof (Dr) Nasir Ansar at the Govt College for Women, Shahrah-i-Liaquat on Sunday.

Director colleges (Karachi) Prof (Dr) Najma Niaz and coordinator of the Sindh senior minister for education Naveed Zuberi were also present on the occasion.

All those given admissions to the three faculties are now required to complete their procedural formalities, such as submission of forms and fees within a week in the colleges where they have been placed as their classes for the academic session 2011-12 are scheduled to begin from Monday (Sept 26).

Giving details of the admissions, Prof Ansar, who is also director-general (Colleges), Sindh, said that among the 16,057 male candidates admitted to first-year classes in the science-pre-engineering faculty, there were 3,577 Grade A-1 students, 5,286 Grade A students, 4,611 Grade B students and 2,583 Grade C students while the cut-off limit in this category was 428 marks.

In the computer science (male) faculty, 809 candidates were admitted and they include 81 Grade A-1 students, 418 Grade A students and 310 Grade B students. The minimum limit in this category was 622 marks.

Besides, the number of female candidates admitted to the computer science faculty was 733 and they include 154 Grade A-1 students, 458 Grade A students and 121 Grade B students while its cut-off mark was 313 numbers.

Informing about the process of first-year admissions under the CAP, Prof Ansar said that it was initiated on Aug 9 with the sale of brochures, containing admission forms and 80,500 forms of the six categories were received by the CAP till Sept 17.

He said that the number of candidates who had sought admissions to computer science (male) and (female) faculties was 1,400 and 1,100, respectively, the committee could accommodates 809 male and 733 female in this faculty because of limited number of seats.

The remaining candidates, he added, would be adjusted in science (pre-engineering) and other faculties.

He said that though in all 17,000 male candidates had applied for admissions to science (pre-engineering) faculty, the admission committee could provide admission to 16,057 candidates and, as such, the remaining candidates would be adjusted in other faculties such as commerce and humanities.

About the number of candidates who got admissions to the home economics faculty, he said that 208 candidates got admission in the faculty through the centralised admission committee while around 300 candidates were provided admission directly by the RLAK College of Home Economics administration.Dawn.

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