A girl’s wedding dress is probably the single most important piece of clothing in her world. And while one has a fair idea of who constitute the top tier of bridal designers in Pakistan, we conducted a survey amongst 100 unmarried girls (evenly from Karachi and Lahore) on who their ideal bridal designer would be.

Karachi-based Sana Safinaz topped the list with 22 votes, their popularity being consistent in Karachi and Lahore. Many girls felt they epitomised elegance without being archaic.

Hassan Shehryar Yasin from Lahore followed close with 20 votes, again widespread across the country.

Bunto Kazmi, a favourite for girls looking for the perfect traditional look, came third with 16 votes. The almost 50-year-long Kazmi tradition (initiated by Sughra Kazmi, Bunto’s mother-in-law) is still going strong.

Surprisingly these were the only three names that received substantial votes. Hot on their heels were Karma (8), Faiza Samee (6), Nomi Ansari (5) and Umar Sayeed and Mehdi, both with four votes each.

The remaining 15 votes were unevenly distributed amongst Nida Azwer, Kamiar Rokni, Ayesha Varsey, Saadia Mirza, Teejays, Body Focus, Rouge, Nayna, Libas-e-khaas, Sozankar, Rehana Saigol and even Indian brands Satya Paul and Ritu Kumar (both available in Pakistan). — AHI ¦ (Dawn)

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