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Fruit and Chicken Salsa Salad recipe in Urdu English by rida aftab Masala tv show tarka

Boneless Chicken 300 gramsOnion 1Mango 1Plum 4Finely Chopped Lettuce Leave 1 cupCabbage 1 cupOil 1 tbspRed Chili Powder ½ tspCumin Seeds Powder ½ tspSalt ½ tspFor Making Salsa:Finely Chopped Green Chilies 2Tomato ketchup ½ cupOregano ½ tspSalt ¼ tspLemon juice 2 tbsp

 Fruit and Chicken Salsa Salad recipe in urdu english Masala tv show ramadan ramzan eid tarka rida aftab

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