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Dalda is one of the largest brands in Pakistan, leading the local category of edible oil and fats. It not only aims to provide the best quality cooking medium to its consumers but also acts in a responsible manner to make a meaningful contribution to the society. Dalda Foods strongly believes that the long term success of any business is intimately connected with the well-being of the society and the environment in which it operate.

Dalda’s journey into the lives of its consumers started almost 65 years ago when it developed a new cooking medium “Dalda Banaspati” a healthier alternative to desi ghee that compromise on neither taster nor aroma. Keeping in line with the changing consumer preferences, Dalda entered into the cooking oil category, by introducing Dalda Cooking Oil and Planta Cooking Oil. With its promise of delivering the best quality cooking medium to its consumers, Dalda used its International Technology and Expertise to expand into the Canola and Olive Oil products variants as well.


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Publisher: Dalda Books
Publishing Date: 03/28/2012
Author: Dalda Cook Book
No of Pages: 115
Cover Type: HardBack
Barcode: 1000000003542
Availability: Available for sale
Weight: 500.00 gm
Price: Rs.1195

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