MA and MSc exam 2012 University of Peshawar from August 29

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    MA/MSc exam from August 29

    PESHAWAR: The MA/MSc annual examination 2012 of the University of Peshawar will start from August 29.A press release stated that according to a notification of the university, the examination would start a week after Eidul Fitr. It said that directives had been issued to the section concerned to declare results of all regular departmental examinations by the end of October 2012. The departments were directed to ensure holding classes till the summer vacation and complete the courses.

    Datesheet for the MA,MSc (Previous) and B.Ed (Revised) Annual Examination 2011

    Updated on: June 24, 2011

    Date Sheet for (Regular, Late College/University)
    Annual Examination 2011 M.A/M.Sc. (Previous) Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


    Subject Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date
    13-07-2011 Wednesday 18-07-2011 Monday 22-07-2011 Friday 27-07-2011 Wednesday 01-08-2011 Monday 05-08-2011 Friday 10-08-2011 Wednesday
    Archaeology I Introduction to Field Archaeology and Management of Cultural Heritage II Anthropology & Environmental Archaeology III Early Urbanization in Pakistan and Emergence of Indus Civilization IV Ancient World Civilizations V Ancient History of Pakistan & India —— ——
    Botany I Virology, Bacteriology & Psychology II Mycology & Plant Pathology III Comparative Morphology of Archegoniates & Palynology IV Anatomy, Embryology & Taxonomy of Angiosperms V Plant Biochemistry VI Plant Ecology ——
    Computer Science I Databases (New) Programming Languages (Old/New) II Data Structures III/V Operating System IV Object Oriented Programming V Data Communication & Computer Networks (New) VI Digital Logic Design ——
    Electronics I Applied Mathematics II Analog Electronics III Digital Logic Design & Micro Processors IV-A Electromagnetic Theory IV-B Solid State Electronics V-A Computer Language C++ V-B Computer Networking
    Library & Information Sciences I Introduction to Library & Information Science II Collection Development & Bibliographical Control III Introduction to Classification: Theory & Practice IV Introduction to Cataloging: Theory & Practice V Serial Management VI Management of Library & Information Center ——
    Psychology I Historical and Contemporary Psychology II Learning Congnition and Motivation III Statistics IV Research Methodology V Psychological Testing and Measurement VI Psychopathology ——
    Zoology I Environmental biology, Zoogeography & Eco-Zoology II Paleontology & Evolution III Genetics & Bio-Stat IV Taxonomy & Animal Behavior V Developmental Biology & Cell Biology —— ——
    Statistics I Statistical Methods II Probability & Distributions III Sampling & Survey Methods IV Linear Algebra & Numerical Analysis V Data Processing & Statistical Computing —— ——
    Mathematics I Real Analysis II Algebra-1 III Complex Analysis V Programming in C IV Topology —— ——-

    Date Sheet for (Regular, Late College/University)
    Annual Examination 2011 Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


    Subject Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date
    14-07-201 Thursday 19-07-2011 Tuesday 23-07-2011 Saturday 28-07-2011 Thursday 02-08-2011 Tuesday
    Gender Studies I Introduction of Gender Studies II Feminist Theories III Feminists Movements IV Gender & Religion V Basic Research Skills/ Computer Skills
    Geography I Geomorphology II Meteorology, Climatology & Oceanography III History & Development of Geographical Thought IV Settlement Geography V Economic Geography
    Journalism & Mass Communication I Journalistic Language (English, Urdu, Pashto) II Reporting III Sub-Editing IV Media History & Laws V Mass Communication Theory
    Physics I Mathematical Methods of Physics III Classical Mechanics IV Thermal & Statistical Physics V Atomic & Molecular Physics (New) Modem Physics (Old) II Electrodynamics(New) Electromagnetic Theory(Old)
    Social Work I Social Case Work II Social Group Work III Community Organization and Development IV Social Problems of Pakistan-A Rural Development and Local Govt.-B ——
    Sociology I Principles of Sociology/General Sociology II Social Psychology III Social Anthropology IV Research Methodology V Community Development
    Anthropology I Principal of Anthropology II Comparative Social Institutions III Ethnography IV Research Methodology V Criminology
    Urban & Regional Planning I Planning History & Theory II Environmental Planning Law, Practice and Management III Introduction to Planning & Planning Method IV Development Policy Studies V Urbanization & Urban Sprawl
    Chemistry I Physical Chemistry II Organic Chemistry III In-Organic Chemistry IV Analytical/Bio/Applied/Fuel Chemistry ———–

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan Controller of Examinations, University of Peshawar.
    REVISED Date Sheet for (Regular, Late College/University)

    Annual Examination 2011 M.A/M.Sc. (Final) Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


    Subject Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date Day & Date
    15-07-2011 Friday 20-07-2011 Wednesday 25-07-2011 Monday 29-07-2011 Friday 03-08-2011 Wednesday 08-08-2011 Monday
    Archaeology VI Ancient Art & Architecture of Pak and Ind: (Pre-Muslim Period) VII Numismatics of Pakistan & India VIII Palaeography and Epigraphy of Pakistan and India IX Muslim Architecture of Pakistan & India X Muslim Caligraphy, Painting, Minor Art & Crafts ——
    Botany VII Cell Biology & Biometry VIII Plant Physiology IX Genetics X Environmental Biology XI Medicinal Plants and Economic Botany XII Optional Special Papers: (a) Salinity & Water Logging (b) Plant Pathology (c) Microbiology (d) Advances in Medicinal Plants (e) Plant Nutrition & soil fertility (f) Plant Bio Technology (g) Mycorrhiza
    Computer Science VII Analysis of algorithms & Advanced Programming Database-VII (Old) ——- IX Compiler Construction X Electronic Commerce XI Artificial Intelligence VIII Software Engineering
    Electronics VI Electronics Communication VII Control System & information Theory VIII-A Laser (New) VIII-B Fibre Optics IX Industrial Electronics and Software Engineering X Micro Processor and Micro Controller Interface
    Library & Information Sciences Information Technology & Libraries Advanced Technical Operations Resource Sharing & Net working Research Methodology Information Sources on Sciences & Technology Management Information System (MIS)
    Psychology VII Social Psychology VIII Behavioral Neuroscience IX Theories of Personality X General Issues & Assessment (old) / Test Construction and Adaptation XI Theoretical Models & Treatments (old) / Counseling Psychology(New) XII Clinical Psychology
    Zoology VI Physiology and biochemistry VII Parastoloy-A Entomology-A VII Fisheries-A VIII Parastology – B Entomology – B VIII Fisheries-B IX Medical Microbiology and Biotechnology
    Statistics VI Design and Analysis of Experiments VII Statistical Inference VIII Regression and Analysis IX Multivariate Analysis XII Population Studies XI Stochastic Processes
    Mathematics Algebra-II Paper-VI Functional Analysis VIII / Differential Geometry X Mathematical Statistics IX Numerical Analysis XI Measure Theory & Integration XIII Dynamics XIV / Hydrodynamics & Differential Equations XV

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan Controller of Examinations, University of Peshawar.
    M.A/M.Sc. (Final)

    Date Sheet for (Regular, Late College/University) Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Annual Examination, 2011

    SUBJECT Date & day Date & day Date & day Date & day Date & day
    16-07-2011 Saturday 21-07-2011 Thursday 26-07-2011 Tuesday 30-07-2011 Saturday 04-08-2011 Thursday
    Gender Studies VI Gender & Development VII Gender & Human Rights VIII Gender & Literature IX Advanced Feminist Research Method X (Optional Courses) (a) Gender & Media (b) Gender & Social Policy (c) Gender & Politics (d) Gender & Psychology (e) Gender, Science & Technology
    Geography VI Geography of Pakistan VII Political Geography XIX Environmental Geography XXI Applied Geomorphology XVIII Population Geography X Regional Planning
    Journalism & Mass Communication VI Broadcasting in Pakistan VII Public Relations & Advertising VIII Development Support Communication IX Pakistan Affairs X (a) Communication Research Methods or (b) Feature, Column & Editorial writing.
    Physics VI Quantum Mechanics VII Electronics XIII Introductory Electronics/ Condensed Electronics VIII Solid State Physics IX: Nuclear Physics XII: Digital Communication XIV: Introductory Nuclear Physic (Optional) X: Special Paper in Solid in Solid State Physic (Optional) XI: Special Paper in Nuclear Physics (Optional) XXI: Material Physics XXII: Plasma Physics
    Social Work VI Social Research Methodology (Old/New) VII-B (New) / Welfare System of Islam and Contemporary Social Work VIII (Old) VIII-C (New) IX (Old) A – Social Institutions and Social System of Pakistani Society B – Social Gerontology IX-B (Old) Criminology IX-C Demography & Population Welfare (New) ——
    Sociology VI Sociological Theory VII Social Demography VIII Gender and Development IX Sociology of Environment ——
    Anthropology VI Applied Anthropology VII Anthropology of Religion VIII Political Anthropology IX Social Problem of Pakistan ——
    Urban & Regional Planning VII Rural Development Planning VIII Urban Planning & Urban Designing / XIII Resource Conservation Planning XIV Transportations Planning / Environmental Impact Assessment (XVI) —— ——
    Environmental Sciences VI Environmental Policies & Planning VII Pollution Control Technology VIII Natural Resource Management IX Environmental Economics X Remote Sensing and GIS
    Chemistry V Environmental Chemistry VI i. Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy. ii. Heterocyclic Chemistry. iii. Mechanism of Inorganic Reaction and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry. iv. Biochemistry of Macromolecules and Techniques. v. Polymer Chemistry. vi. Elementary Analytical Chemistry. Chemistry of Coal Conversion Process VII ii. Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Solution iii. Oxidation/Reduction iv. Spectroscopy & Instrumental Methods of Analysis v. Nutrition Chemistry vi. Physiological Chemistry vii. Electronlytical & Chromatography Techniques viii. Petroleum Petrochemicals Metallurgy VIII i. Surface Chemistry and Advanced Chemical Kinetics ii. Spectral Analysis of Organic Compounds iii. Nuclear and Radio Chemistry iv. Microbiology and Immunology v. Unit Operation vi. Spectroscopy & Electronics Characterization of Fossi Fuels by Advanced Instrumental Techniques. —————-

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan Controller of Examinations, University of Peshawar

    M.A/M.Sc, 2011 (Previous)

    Date Sheet for (Regular, Late College & Private Candidates) Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Annual Examination 2011

    DATE/DAY Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject
    13-07-2011 I I I I I
    Wednesday Ancient Civilization History of English Literature Micro Economic Theory Al-Quran(Translation of the 1st Half,with Commentary & Principles of Tafseer) History of International Relations
    Islamic Culture & Civilianization Introduction to English Macro Economic Theory Hadith & Principles of Hadith Basic Factors in International Relations (old)
    18-07-2011 Literature Theories, Concepts & Research
    Monday Methodology in IR (New)
    22-07-2011 III III III III III
    Friday Muslim freedom in South Asia 1858-1906 Poetry Mathematical Economics Islamic Jurisprudence “Text” Foreign Policy Analysis
    27-07-2011 Wednesday IV History of NWFP IV Prose IV Basic Statistical & Research Methodology IV Seerat-Un-Nabi & History of Islam IV Pakistan in World Affairs
    01-08-2011 V V V V V
    Monday Afghanistan in 19th & 20th Centuries Language &Linguistics Public Finance &Monetary Economics Arabic Grammar & Literature International & Regional Organizations
    14-07-2011 I I I I I I
    Thursday Applied Grammar Government & Politics in Pakistan History of Pashto Language & Literature Translation Greek philosophy History of Urdu Literature
    19-07-2011 II II II II II
    Tuesday Composition, Conversation & Translation Political Systems Ancient Poetry Islamic Culture & Civilization Psychology/Medieval Philosophy Fiction
    23-07-2011 III III III III III III
    Saturday Prose Classical & Modern Political Philosophy Ancient Prose Iqbaliyat Early Modern European Philosophy Prose
    28-07-2011 IV IV IV IV IV IV
    Thursday Poetry Classical &Modern History & Principles of International Relations Detailed Study of Rahman Baba Persian Grammar Later modern European Philosophy Modern Prose
    02-08-2011 V V V V V V
    Tuesday’ Rhetoric Principles of Public Administration Islamic Study & History History of Indo Pak Literature Logic Poetry

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan Controller of Examinations University of Peshawar.
    M.A/M.Sc, 2011 (Final) Date Sheet for (Regular, Late College & Private Candidates) Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Annual Examination 2011

    Date/Day Subject: Subject Subject Subject Subject
    15-07-2011 VI VI VI VI VI
    Friday Philosophy of History & Historiography Poetry-II Econometrics Al Qura’an (Translation of the 2nd Half & Commentary of Sura Noor. Public International Law
    20-07-2011 Wednesday VII Group-A The Holy Prophet, Orthodox Caliphs & Ommayads Group-B Muslim in South Asia 711-1526 A.D VII Novel VII Group-I Development Economics Group-II Economic Analysis of Project Planning & Management VII Principles of Islamic jurisprudence VII Politics of International Economic Relations
    25-07-2011 Monday VIII Group-A The Abbasids & the Muslims in Spain Group-B Muslims in South Asia 1526-1707 A.D Drama Group-I Managerial Economics Group-II Human Resource Development Monetary Economics (Old) Islam & other World Religions VIII Strategic Studies
    29-07-2011 Friday IX Group-A The Ottomans Group-B Muslim in South Asia 1707-1858 A.D Criticism Group-I The Economy of Pakistan Group-II Economic System of Islam Public Finance & Fiscal Policy (Old) Kalam &Philosophy of Islam & Contemporary Muslim World Foreign Policy of Iran ,China, India,& Afghanistan
    X X X
    03-08-2011 Wednesday X Group-A Modern Muslim States With Special Reference to Egypt, Turkey, Saudidia Arabia & Iran Eng: Language Teaching Group-I Agriculture Economic Group-II Industrial Economics Islam: Modern Economic Thought &Inheritance X International Politics of Middle East
    Pakistan Since 1947
    XI XI
    05-08-2011 Group-A Islam in Africa —— —— —— International Politics of South Asia
    Friday Group-B
    Genesis of Pakistan 1906-1947 A.D
    06-08-2011 Saturday XII Group-A Muslim Political Thought Group-B India Since 1947-A.D —— XI Group-I International Economics Group-II Operations Research & Mathematical Programming —— XII South East Asia in the World Affairs

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan Controller of Examinations, University of Peshawar.
    Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m

    Date/Day Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject
    16-07-2011 VI VI VI VI VI VI
    Saturday Religious Literature “Al-Quran Al-Hadith” Political Development, Social Change & Research Methodology Modern Poetry Modern Persian Muslim Philosophy Poetry “Nazam”
    21-07-2011 Thursday Sources of Arabic Language & Literature VII Muslim World & Its Political Dynamics Modern Prose History of Persian Literature Vltallstic Metaphysics Qasiada Masnavi & Marsia
    26-07-2011 Tuesday Literature of Undalus & Overseas Group-A International Law & Organization Group-B Political & Institutional Development in Detail Study Of Khushal Drama Twentieth Century Philosophy Iqbaliyat
    Group-C Plato & Aristotle /Bentham & J.S Mill
    30-07-2011 History of Arabic Literature Group-A Foreign Policy Analysis & Foreign Policy of USA, China, India & Pakistan Critical Literature Rhetoric Classical Prose Advance Ethics Criticism
    Saturday Group-B Economy of Pakistan Group-C Al-Ghazali ,Ibn-Khaldoon / Iqbal &
    Al-Shariati (Old)
    X X X X X
    04-08-2011 Thursday X Islamic Literature & Criticism Group-A Politics of International Economic Relations Group-B Pakistan in World Affairs Group-C Essay etc Classical Poetry Analytical Philosophy Essay Persian Languages & Literature Mass Communications Language & Linguistics Computer Urdu Software (Regular Only)
    Contemporary Political Thought

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan Controller of Examinations, University of Peshawar.