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SWAT: Students celebrated Mothers’ Day in Swat by arranging recreational activities, a science and arts exhibition and honouring mothers by presenting them with cards.

The event was the first of its kind in Swat valley and was held at Khushal Girls’ Public School and College on Thursday. Ziauddin Yousufzai, the school’s director, told The Express Tribune that, “The basic aim was to bridge the gap between educational institutions and parents, especially mothers who engage more with children than their fathers.”

Neelam, a student of B.A, who came to attend the function, suggested government colleges organise similar events. “Today, the presence of a large number of students with their mothers is a pleasant change in Swat valley. I was personally feeling suffocated and this colourful event refreshed me,” said Kiran, an FSc student.

“For the girls of Swat who have experienced a very harsh and bleak time in history, such activities are indispensable as we are still traumatised. Recreational activities not only explore our talents but also help nurture innovative skills.”

“Today I could not believe when I saw my daughters’ performance, said a mother. “It is really inspiring and the best way to train a child,” she said about the event.

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