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Poly Clinic plans to establish disease research centre

ISLAMABAD: The administration of Federal Government Poly Clinic Hospital (FGPCH) has planned to upgrade its epidemic management cell to convert this cell into disease research centre.

According to hospital sources, FGPC would use this centre for training of junior doctors and other research work related to the medical field.

The sources also said a designated library, laboratory, computer and other equipment would be installed to upgrade the cell.

The hospital has invited representatives of non-governmental organizations to visit the cell and sought their support for its upgradation.

Hospital spokesperson Dr Sharif Astori said that the hospital administration has also planned several other projects for patients’ care.

He added sufficient doctors and other paramedics have been assigned to properly look after the patients.

He said a state-of-the-art Staff Sick Bay has been established in the hospital to provide best medical cover to the paramedical staff and their entitled family members.

He said all sort of health services would be made available for over 1,000 low-cadre hospital staff in the ward.

He also said separate rooms were available for doctors and nursing staff while paramedical staff was demanding the same facility for them.

He further added on their demand, the hospital administration has established this sick bay where full medical care would be provided to the staff and their family members. app ((dailytimes-23-11-2011))

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