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The Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Saturday issued notification for upgradation and teaching staff in federal government educational institutions under time-scale formula.

Hundreds of teachers, lecturers and professors performing duties from BPS 16 to 20 at federal government schools and colleges, model schools and colleges would benefit from the notification issued in the light of Prime Minister s announcement which he made at the Jinnah Convention Centre on November 18, 2010.

According to the notification, the teachers working in BPS 16 for the last five years would get upgradation as per time scale formula. Similarly, the teachers and lecturers in BPS 16 to 17 for seven years would be upgraded to BPS 18, those in BPS 17 or 18 for 12 years would get upgradation, those who have spent 19 years from BPS 17 to 19 to BPS 20 and those who have been in 17 to 20 for minimum 24 years would be upgraded to BPS 21 under the time scale formula.

Previously, CADD Joint Secretary Professor Rafiq Tahir said that acting on prime minister directives, the CADD had upgraded teachers from BPS 9 to 14 and from 14 to 16 under the time scale formula.

Recently, the prime minister has also approved a summary from CADD for one-time upgradation of Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) of BPS 16 who were in existing scale by December 31, 2011 to BPS 17.

Islamabad Model Colleges Lecturers Association President Professor Aftab Ahmed has issued the government s step for promotion of teachers.The news.

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