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Beaconite sets record in CIE exam
Islamabad: A whopping 23 straight ‘A’ grades in CIE O-level examinations has set Beaconhouse School System student Ibrahim Shahid at the top of the academic arena in Pakistan!

Ibrahim Shahid has put Pakistan on the map again for having produced an amazing record of ‘A’ grades. He sat for 24 CIE O-level examinations in 24 different subjects and scored a trail blazing 23 straight ‘A’ grades proving what he always said, “If it can be dreamed, it can be done.”

After his brilliant O-level result announced on Monday morning, Ibrahim Shahid is currently enrolled at the Beaconhouse Margalla A Level programme, the largest A level programme in Pakistan.

His impressive academic feat was in a wide range of subjects that included, Advanced Mathematics, Business Studies, Commercial Studies, Statistics, Human and Social Biology, Combined Science, Economics, Environmental Management, Geography, Principles of Accounts, Commerce, Computer Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Urdu, Sociology, World History, English Language, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Religion and Culture.

Ibrahim’s father Shahid Anwar is an electrical engineer and is currently a Professor with FAST University and Ibrahim’s delighted and proud mother is a computer scientist who is a housewife who decided to stay at home and focus completely on her children. Mrs. Shahid’s message to all parents is, “If you believe in yourself and keep on working with your child then every child can do it.”

When asked about his incredible result, Ibrahim said that planning was very important and that once he decides on something then he completely focuses on the task. Believing in the fact there is always more to learn and achieve Ibrahim Shahid is also determined on laying down new precedents for advanced level examinations.

Beaconhouse Principal, Rear Admiral Nashat Raffi, said that while congratulating Ibrahim Shahid for his excellent result in ‘O Level’ examination, we are confident that, he will always set the bar higher in every coming exam, and will bring laurels to his parents, teachers, institution and Pakistan, our sincere and best wishes are with him. He was joined by Mehr Asad, Headmistress of Beaconhouse Boys Branch, who said that she congratulates Ibrahim on his achievement and his hardworking and dedicated teachers.

“Through the efforts of our teachers we endeavour not only enable each and every student in our branch to shine in Cambridge Examinations but also groom them into fine young men who shall be responsible and proud Pakistanis in future,” she said. The news

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