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International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest 2011

42,000 Pakistanis in math contest
Lahore, March 18: Around 42,000 students of more than 500 schools and colleges from all over Pakistan participated in the world’s largest International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC) on Thursday. The students were from grade III to grade XII.

The “International Association Mathematiques sans Frontiers” organised the contest which is held the world over every year on March 17. This year about 5.5 million students from 56 countries are reported to have appeared in the contest.

Pakistan Kangaroo Commission President Dr A.D. Raza Choudary said in a statement that the main aim of the event was to encourage the young students to give their best performance in mathematics and compete with other students at the international level. It also helps identify creative talent among students.

The association, which has its headquarters in Paris, has won several international awards including the prestigious Paul Eros Prize.

Dr Choudary said ever since Pakistan started participating in the contest six years ago with a modest number of 8,000 students, the Kangaroo commission had observed a very positive response from the Pakistani students as was evident from the five-time increase in their number to about 42,000 this year.

He said there was great enthusiasm among the students to compete at the international level and the fear of mathematics had been replaced by keen interest in the subject. “Now they look forward to challenges in Pakistan. This is an extremely healthy sign for the progress of education in the country as this sort of enthusiasm of the students in mathematics was not seen five years ago,” he added. Dawn

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