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Islamabad SLS School, Peshawar Road, Montessori Branch, held a Parents Day, which is one of the important events organised by the school administration and its students for the benefit of parents.

It was a day of sharing, learning and creativity, teamed with fun — a colourful event that was an earnest endeavour to give an opportunity to the parents to observe the creative methods that are employed to develop their little ones into well groomed and confident individuals with perceptive minds. The venue had an aura of festivity as the teachers and children — brimming with excitement — eagerly awaited the parents’ arrival.

A large variety of themes were presented keeping in mind the minute details and they were based mostly on the syllabus. There were themes like ‘The Global Village’ celebrating peace, harmony and tolerance where children stood before a backdrop of earth surrounded by people from different nationalities holding hands, were dressed in different national dresses and greeted parents in the language of the country which they represented. A tribute was also paid to the legends of Pakistan along with a presentation on our country’s rich culture and heritage. The use of electrical appliances was presented in a very innovative manner. Children were dressed as a television, a washing machine, an air conditioner, a mobile, a CD player, a computer and so on, each explaining their basic us — making the audience ponder about how advanced we have become in science. But because we must not forget to appreciate the simple things in life, for that is what makes us human, the thought behind the theme, ‘The Bugs Family,’ with children dressed up as colourful bugs such as ladybirds, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders and butterflies was presented to remind us of this fact. It was indeed a unique theme to get the observer in touch with the colours of nature and acknowledge the beauty in the smallest of beings. Moving along, there was the theme of the jungle with a strong message to treasure and preserve nature – the students and teachers had done a commendable job in creating the correct atmosphere with lush green backdrops, sounds of creeping insects and children wearing realistic animal costumes.

The parents were full of praise for the Montessori bank, complete with an ATM machine along with departments and cabins — they even had brochures and money handled by the students! In another classroom the presentations were based on a healthy mind and body with an elaborate display of indoor and outdoor games and a giant lunch box was depicted by children dressed up as various healthy foods and fruits, with the aim to encourage the parents to give their children a healthy and balanced diet.

One of the most entertaining segments was a musical performance by the students on shapes and the alphabets. It was a treat to walk into a section where children were dressed up according to famous Disney Characters enacting a particular scene such as ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Snow White’ with the seven dwarfs. Last but not least was the dramatic presentation on the life on a farm by the Montessori children along with their teacher and it was a pleasure to see such young children speak with great poise and confidence.

Outside there was a display of beautiful artwork made from recycled items; games and food stalls; a horror house and a magic show presented by the children who left the parents gasping with surprise as it was difficult to decipher some of the tricks. You could hear carefree laughter and feel an air of excitement as the parents along with their children, enjoyed the delicious snacks and refreshments. It must be appreciated that such events are possible only with the effort of the principal and teachers who organise such activities, not only to show parents the performance of the school but also bring about improvement and growth in the personalities of their children.The news.

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