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Scholarships for Afghans announced
Peshawar: Different universities in the provincial metropolis Monday announced scholarships for the Afghan students and scholars to facilitate their higher studies.

A delegations of heads of various universities from Afghanistan visited different varsities and degree awarding institutes including the University of Peshawar and University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Peshawar.

The visit has been organized by the German foundation, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. Separate memorandums of understanding were signed with the management of both the universities for awarding scholarships to the Afghan students and scholars.

As per the MoUs, the University of Peshawar would grant admission to 48 Afghan students for accomplishing master’s degree and six scholars for doing MPhil and PhD in the coming academic year. Among them 24 master’s level students would be given fully-funded scholarships. All six MPhil or PhD students would also be granted fully-funded scholarship.

The UET Peshawar, on the other hand, offered five postgraduate scholarships to the faculty members of Afghan universities each year. The joint declaration issued on the occasion of the delegation’s visit to the University of Peshawar (UoP) read that the students who don’t come under the fully-funded scholarships would be charged fee equivalent to Pakistani students and they would not be considered foreign students.

The 17-members delegation led by the Chancellor of Kabul University Prof Hamidullah Amin during a visit to the UoP was given presentation about higher education in Pakistan at the Area Study Centre. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Azmat Hayat Khan welcomed the delegation. He said presently UoP was hosting over 70 Afghan students. “We are ready to train the faculty of Afghan universities to build their capacity up to the global standards,” he said.

Dr Azmat Hayat said the UoP could also offer services to the Afghan universities in refining their courses of studies and curricula. He said the UoP was the nearest possible foreign venue for higher education for the Afghan students.

“They must come here to benefit from the faculty and the state-of-the-art laboratories like centralized resource laboratory,” he remarked.

Chancellor of the Kabul University Prof Hamidullah Amin said that Afghanistan was in the rebuilding phase and Pakistan could be of great help the Afghans to regain past glory. “Afghanistan in the last 30 years has faced severe hardships and it is high time for our neighbours to help the Afghans in their respective domains so that our children could live a better life,” he argued.

He said the Kabul University established in 1929 was the oldest institution in Afghanistan. “Due to war, the university lost its tremendous collection of books and research work. Much of the research work was lost or looted. Before the war, Kabul University had full-fledged 15 faculties and 74 departments,” he explained.

Prof Hamidullah Amin said the university wasn’t working up to its potential due to lack of skilled and qualified faculty. He added that most of the faculty members had been killed or left for other countries during the long drawn war in Afghanistan. The chancellor informed that currently 25 universities were working in the public and 33 in the private sector with a total enrolment of 100,000 students in Afghanistan.

During the delegation’s visit to the UET, Vice-Chancellor Imtiaz Gilani told the guests that around 30 students from Afghanistan were getting world-class engineering education in various disciplines at the university.

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