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Sex Scandal & Security guard murder University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF). Yet no enquire, creating a rigorous mystification.
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Subject: Security Guard murder, Sex humiliation of University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

(Why Punjab Govt & Higher Education Commission so silent yet????)

The administration of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, is in a fix over reports that some high officials are running a sex racket by trapping boarding girls. The management of the university is facing insensitive difficulty to tackle the said issue, as university’s reputation, future of some girls and security officials is at stake. The scandal came to light when the press media channels were informed that some security staff & faculty members trapped six female BSc. students and now blackmailing them. Sources said that a couple of news reporters from Express TV channel have very strong evidences that the very close relative of the Vice Chancellor with some faculty members are also involved in different sex scandals of the university. A preliminary investigation found that six female students named (Maryum Zia, Mehwish, Muqadas, Asma Khalid & Amrozia) involved in this scandal. Sources said the superintendent of the female hostel held the girls responsible for the scandal and described them as unfit for hostel life. They also reported that the hall warden was under severe pressure of the Vice Chancellor & few security officials, who were involved in allegedly trapping the girls. An eye witnessed (security guard) said that special vehicles had been coming to pick the girls and security officials had been told not to stop any such vehicle from entering the hostel. The organization has been trying to hush up the issue to avoid embarrassment and this is the reason that no directive in this regard has been issued in black and white. According to reports; twelve (12) girls were frequently seen going out of university campus in security department vehicle in the evening and coming back late night; which shows the involvement of security department. One of the Pakistan’s private TV channels, Express News, has the exclusive video of the incident; which is very much clear to identify the intentions of those behind this scandal. Reportedly, a blackmailing group headed by three suspects, is behind this scandal. The group is not only involved in making and selling the sex tapes of female students but girls were also forced to do illegitimate business. (Dawn newspaper)

The HEC & Federal Government should take immediate strict action against the Vice Chancellor and his sitting company in order to avoid any further embarrassment among the faculty & boarder students. But astonishing after a week, a security guard named ‘Anwar’ who was the resident of the university town during the time of his night duty was murdered within the campus. Sources said that the said security guard had very strong evidences of university sex scandal. It’s a very unfortunate for a well reputed institute that the all matter of sex scandals were very roughly handled in result of the murder of an honest innocent security guard. A high level investigation should be launched in order to probe this sensitive issue. (Reference: Dawn Newspaper)

Q.1. What are the finding of enquire yet??

Q.2. How many people have been punished yet??

Q.3. Why Vice Chancellor trying to save the culprits?

Q.4. Why the chief security officer continuing his service yet?

Q.5. Why this hot news has been suddenly disappeared from the media channels?

Q.6. How much amount (rupee) have been paid to media channels to suppress this brutal issue?


Ladies Hostel

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

Cc: 1. HEC

2. Chief Minister

3. Governor House, Punjab

4. Human rights commission
One can not say that happy to receive such information. Really it very sad. Yeah administration is responsible to protect the girl’s especially when they are in the hostels. There movement records should be maintained. With whom they are going or where they are going?? All these data should be recorded by the hostel administration. But if admen itself involved in these scandals then its worst even. It seems that happened with the consent and agreement of girls first time and then they can be blackmailed further. One can suggest, you should come out and protest everywhere in the university. Community can change the situation. Majority should come out in protest against the admen and this scandal. Otherwise you all are also responsible for all that……

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