Govt plans new service structure for teachers
Peshawar, July 07: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is planning to adopt new service structure for schoolteachers in order to ensure their promotions.

“Once the new structure is introduced, the schoolteachers serving in different grades will be able to get promotion provided they have improved their qualifications,” said a senior official at the education department.

Various teachers’ organisations have lauded the decision, saying this would solve one of their longstanding demands. The new structure would greatly benefit the primary school teachers, who would be able to reach the PS 18 with improved qualification. They would also qualify to become headmasters of high schools, the official said.

Under the new structure, 50 percent quota CT teachers would be reserved for primary school teachers, while the remaining would be filled through direct appointment. Primary schoolteachers having five years experience and relevant qualifications would be promoted as CT teachers, the official added.

Moreover 20 percent quota of drawing master, physical education teacher, theology teacher and Arabic teacher would be reserved for the primary school teachers having the required qualification and experience.

The remaining 80 percent seats would be filled through direct recruitment, the official explained. In the present service structure, teachers of different cadres in BPS-9 including Certified Teacher (CT), drawing master physical education teacher, theology teacher and Arabic teacher are appointed directly.

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