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When these golden days are over, you will miss them a lot and you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did. And the friends you make in school are probably the best ones you ever get!

By Sarah Ikhlaq

School going kids may not agree with what I am about to write but older people will definitely smile after reading this article. It is about school days — one of the best times of one’s life.

Today, I was talking to one of my school friends and we laughed our heads off remembering all the crazy things we used to do in school. What wonderful days those where….

When we are young, we have very little responsibility. All we have to worry about is science and maths, not about what profession to opt for or finding good internships and participating in extracurricu lar activities to make an impressive resume to get a good job.

As we grow older, life becomes really hectic, it is difficult to find time to have fun. I am not saying that school children don’t have a hectic routine, of course you have to work hard to get good grades but even with that you get sufficient time to fool around. You don’t have all these responsibilities that come when you enter professional life. And the best part is you don’t have to act all grown up and mature even if you are feeling nervous inside. You can do all sorts of crazy things and get away with them when you are young.

When you are in school, you may not realise how special this time is but, as you grow up, you start missing the carefree days. And you always remember your school friends because you practically spend all your childhood with them. I still smile when I think of all my school friends, sometimes it makes me sad that we will never be together in the same manner again. My best years in school were probably the last four years, from Class Seventh to Tenth.

I remember, we would wait for lunch break desperately from the time we would enter the school premises as it would be a time we would play our favourite games, like hide-and-seek.

Obviously, lunch was completely forgotten during lunch break and that would often get us into trouble with our mothers. But the fun part was that almost half the class used to play together. We used to run like maniacs all over the school chased by one of our classmates.

And when it comes to parties and functions, there is no doubt that school parties are probably the most memorable events. You get to wear funky clothes and take pictures which remain with you forever. On such occasions, one of my friends would bring her tape recorder and we’d close the classroom door and sing along aloud till our throats would get sore. We used to jump up and down, and do weird dance moves.

Then there were the school trips, the havoc we used to create in the bus by screaming out, laughing and throwing chips and popcorn at each oth er! Our poor teachers would keep telling us to behave ourselves but who would listen to them! In the end, they would give up. And there were times when I along with my friends would bunk classes! Our classroom had a backdoor which was used for sneaking out. Hey kids, it doesn’t mean that you also do that! I remember our Urdu teacher who was too sweet to scold us and we used to bug the hell out of her. We’d ask her all sorts of crazy questions and make her explain everything thrice! And, oh yeah, I had this class fellow, her name was Marium, she was totally fearless. Whether it was pulling a prank on a substitute teacher or just bugging the old ones, she always had a perfect plan ready to be worked on. I still remember that once a new teacher came and she couldn’t tolerate us for more than a week as Marium annoyed her like hell.

In Grade Nine, we had a chemistry teacher who used to get really paranoid if you clicked your ballpoint pen during her lecture. So what all of us used to do was one kid would click his/her ballpoint and the rest of the class followed it, as a result, the whole classroom would fill with clicking noises.

But in the end, after a threatening scolding to the whole class from the principal herself, we behaved nicely. Now that I look back and think about it, it seems pretty stupid, and I feel bad about annoying the poor teachers. I wonder if the teachers remember us! Ah yes! Our farewell party… we blasted the CD player, danced along and, yeah, we made our teachers dance too. We took loads of silly pictures. I still can’t help laughing when I look at them.

After school, college was never really that fun. I made new friends but still they couldn’t replace my school friends. And besides, college is over before you get to realise it and then you’re heading off to professional university, a totally new world. It’s a time to get serious, so you never get to have as much fun.

What I would like to say to school goers is to have as much fun as you can! Studies are, and should be, no doubt, your priority but a little bit of fun would never hurt anybody! One should at least make some fun memories that you can treasure for a life time. You’ve got your whole life to be all grown up and serious, but you only get to be a kid once.

When these golden days will be over, you will miss them a lot and you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did. And the friends you make in school are probably the best ones you ever get to have.

I’d like to dedicate this to all my school friends, thank them for the wonderful memories they have given me and making my time at school one wonderful ride! ? (Dawn)

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