Date Sheet of DAE, First Annual Examination, 2011
Lahore, Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) Lahore has declared the date sheet of first Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE). According to the date sheet examination would start from June 9, 2011
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Date Sheet of DAE(1st/2nd/3rd year), First Annual Examination 2011.

DATE SHEET DAE, FIRST ANNUAL EXAMINATION , 2011Instru ction s Regard ing Theory  Pap ers.1 . Th e DAE /DDM T he ory E xa minatio n will b e c ondu cte d a cc ording to the d ates / tim e give n in the Date She et.2 . Loc a l ho lid ays will not aff ec t the e xa minatio n.3 . During the p ape r of tec hnica l d rawing the ca ndidates mu st br ing the ir own dra wing boa rd with the m4 . Th e solve d answe r books of the ory pa pe rs m ay be se nt to the C hie f Se cr ec yo ffic er a t the addr ess o f Go vt  Colle ge of c omm er ce Hu nza b loc k Allam a Iqba l to wn L a hore, Subjec t / Pape r wise in sepa rate bundles a s per instructio nsof the Chie f Se cre cy Offic er of this bo ard .5 . Th e c olle ction of que stion pa pe rs fro m b ank an d d ispa tc h of solved a nswe r books of the pa per c onduc te d o n Sa turd ay (holid ay) will bearra nge d as p er instr uctio ns issue d by the boar d office sep ara te ly. 6 . Th e c and ida tes are not allo wed to br ing Mobil ph one in the exa mina tion ha ll.T he UMC will b e re gistere d a ga inst the de faulte r.Instru ction s Regard ing  Practical Examination .1 . Th e c and ida te s will take pra ctic al ex am ina tion a t the ir own in stitute s ac co rdin g to Da te She et pre pa red b y th e pr inc ipa l con ce rn.2 . Afte r the com ple tion o f pra ctic al ex am ina tion the que stio n pa per set by the extern al solve d a nswer books, Da te She et, a ttenda nc e o f ca ndidate and balan ceunuse d pra ctic al ma te rial must be return to the a ssista ntControlle r co nduc t-II o f Punjab Boa rd of Te ch nic al Ed uca tion L ah ore.3 . Th e pr inc ipa ls a re req uested to p rep are a com pre he nsive Date Sh ee t u nder th e intima tion to the unde r sig ned and inf orm the c a n dida te ac c ordingly .  More ove r displa y it o n the notic e boar d for gene ra l a ware ne ss o f the c andida te s.4 . First, Sec ond & T hird ye ar Fina l p rac tica l Exa m ina tion m a ybe c ondu cted so on a fter the term in ation of the th eoryex am ina tion by the e xte rna l a nd internal ex am ine rs app oin te d by the con ce rne d principa ls, with the app rova lof the und er signe d. T he gr ouping o f th e stu den ts will be d one ac cord ing to /ava ila ble eq uipm e nt /la b fa cilities.T HE DATE SH EE T O F T HE P RACTICAL EXAM INATION M AY B E F O RWARDED TO TH E UNDERSIG NED AT LEAST TE N DAYS BEF O RE TH E CO NDUCT O F P RACTICAL FO R TH E INSPE CTION BY T HE B OARD DURING TH E P RACTICAL EXAM INATIO N.  T HE DAT E SHE ET M AY ALSO B E SE NT TH RO UGH TH E E .MAIL AT TH E AB OVE ME NTIO N ADDRE SS.Note: T he Date sheet is also available on the Board’s W ebsite:  w



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