KU chancellor’s role sought in Dr Shaheen’s ‘plagiarism issue’
Islamabad: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will write a letter to Chancellor Karachi University (KU) Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ebad seeking his intervention in the issue of plagiarism in which FBISE Chairperson and DG FDE Dr Shaheen Khan is allegedly involved if rules and regulations are not followed in this regard.

According to the HEC sources, the commission has the only option to find a conclusion in the plagiarism issue regarding the PhD thesis of Shaheen Khan that it should seek help from Governor Sindh. “We would ask the governor to play his role in his capacity as chancellor of the university and bind the university to implement the decisions being taken by the plagiarism committee,” the source said.

He said that it was a lame excuse that she had forgot to insert inverted commas in not one or two pages but in 100 pages. “If she had taken some selective points from ECO document, it would have been ignored. Copying word to word from some other document without citation is a clear case of plagiarism,” he said.

The source said that usually in such cases the original contribution of the candidate was also taken into account and if the original contribution of the candidate was substantial in the thesis, the plagiarized portion could be ignored. “Sometimes candidates just take the material from other documents in order to thicken the thesis but in case of Dr Shaheen Khan, the original contribution is also not substantial,” he said.

He ruled out the possibility of sending the thesis to “Board of Advance Research and Plagiarism”. He said that the thesis was sent to the board before its approval. “Once the thesis is approved, it could not be sent to the board to review but to the plagiarism committee,” he said.

The source also pointed out that usually manipulation was done by the universities when they sent the thesis to an external supervisor for approval. “In case of Shaheen Khan, thesis was sent to an expert of banking whereas the thesis of Shaheen Khan was on political science,” the source said.

He said when the universities played such foul games and issued a rubber stamp to their candidates, they made such efforts to hinder the process of verification of the thesis. “Almost all the members of the committee except one or two agreed that she was involved in plagiarism hence action should be taken against her,” he said.

HEC Chairperson Dr. Javed Leghari said that according to their information, the members of plagiarism committee came to the conclusion that the PhD thesis of Shaheen Khan was plagiarized. “We would ask the HEC member of plagiarism committee Dr Iqrar who attended the meeting to write the details of the meeting and then we will call KU VC Professor Dr Peerzada to inquire into the findings of plagiarism committee. “If the university would not comply with the decision of the plagiarism committee, we would definitely look for other options,” he said.

He said that no pressure had been exerted on KU to declare the degree of Shaheen Khan as fake rather it was the decision of the plagiarism committee that she was involved in the clear case of plagiarism therefore her degree should be declared as fake.

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