Islamabad, British Government will provide four hundred forty six million pounds annually under the next four year program to help Pakistan in Education and health sectors and improve economy and strengthen democracy and governance.

This was stated by British Higher Commissioner Adam Thomson and Head of DFID in Pakistan George Turkington at a joint news conference on Wednesday. The British High Commissioner said that UK has very deep rooted relationship with Pakistan and has strong business ties that reflect the UK long term commitment.

He said UK wants to help improve its economy, educational and health systems and transparency and good governance. He said the UK aid plan also includes getting four million more children in to school, preventing women deaths and getting two million more people to vote at the next general elections. Mr. Adam Thomson said Pakistan could become the UK’s largest recipient of aid if progress is made on reform in the country.

Head of DFID in Pakistan George Turkington said that Education is one of the key issues that has the potential to transform Pakistan’s future in education. He said the major portion of UK aid will focus on getting more than four million more children in to school, recruit and train an additional ninety thousand new teachers and provide more than six million text books. He said in the Health sector, women and children are the UK’s top health priority and UK will prevent mother’s death in childbirth, and improve the under-nourished half a million children and get another four hundred thousand couples using contraceptives.

Mr. George Turkington said that UK aid will get another two million people, half of them women to vote at the next general election, strengthen weak government institutions to improve delivery of essential services to the public including education and health as well as help improve policing and access to justice. He said UK government will also contribute to the rebuilding schools, roads and bridges in the border areas to replace those destroyed during the war against terrorism.

Answering to a question, he said it is the largest aid program and UK concentrates its efforts to deliver the best results in tackling poverty and building stability. He said that the aid already given by British government is being spent judicially and hoped that the future aid would also be utilized in an effective manner.

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