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HEC sets up 84 QECs in universities
Islamabad, April 28: The number of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) established in universities by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has risen to 84 from the initial 10 QECs established in 2005.

According to the information, Quality Assurance will comprise eight criteria and 31 standards on the basis of which the Self-Assessment report of a programme will be compiled. Programme teams include faculty from within the Department and Assessment Team, having faculty from other programmes as members, will contribute in the finalisation of Self-Assessment Report (SAR) under the patronage of the concerned Dean.

This information will be supplemented by obtaining feedback through survey forms from the students, faculty, alumni and employers, to determine whether the programme meets their educational objectives and outcomes.

The entire exercise will help identify qualitatively and quantitatively the weaknesses and strengths of a programme. Executive summary presented to the Vice Chancellor/Rector and the HEC will help the department in preparing an implementation plan so that the university undertakes remedial measures, if needed.

The model of quality assurance put in place nationally in 740 programmes across 84 universities will help in improving their quality and enhance student learning.

According to press release issued by HEC, improvement in quality of education and research has been the top priority of HEC, and a number of steps have been taken in this regard. Internationally accepted best practices have been introduced in the higher learning sector of the country. For this purpose, Quality Assurance Agency, UK recently concluded a one-day capacity building workshop for development of quality criteria and processes at the QECs.

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